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Omnitech - GPS 16878-US

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Good GPS unit made GREAT by Modding


The Omnitech 16878-US is a good GPS unit that can be made GREAT by modding your unit with readily available software, upgrading and enhancing its capabilities ten fold. With the readily available software, you are able to put movies, games, music and more onto the device if you are so inclined, making it a multimedia device instead of just a GPS unit. If you use the GPS out of the box without putting the 'alternate' software on it, it'll be quite usable, but trust me - you are doing yourself a huge disservice by keeping the default software. My only gripe is that the unit can only read SD-cards and only comes with a 1GB card. With only 1GB, I was unable to update to the 2009 full US maps (I had to buy a 2GB SD card to be able to get full 2009 US maps). The device is unable to read SDHC cards which means you are limited to pricey and rare 4GB SD cards. If you're not interested in turning the 16878-US into a full-blown multimedia center (which you should be!!) then you can get by with just a standard 2GB SD card.

Pearl, MS


Omnitech - GPS 16878-US

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