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Omniseal Wallet Holder

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License please.


Back in the day, I'd put my wallet and other important stuff in a zip top bag whenever I went canoing, rafting, or fishing. That resulted in folded baggies poking me through my pocket and more than one wet wallet (or pack of smokes, but I'm over that now). These days I have graduated to the Omniseal Waterproof Wallet Holder.The Wallet Holder is reliably waterproof, and it's the right shape for a wallet. It's the best option if you don't already have a dry bag going along for the ride, and f you're in white water, you might want to go ahead and keep your insurance card on your person, anyway.It's made of heavy clear vinyl. That's means it's sturdy, but it's not immortal. I recommend going ahead and getting the 3-pack. That way you won't be putting off getting a new one, even though it's showing wear, until it fails in a critical situation and you don't have a legible fishing license to show the nice game warden. (Plus, it's way cheaper. Where I get mine, you can get the 3-pack for less than the price of two separate ones.)

Marietta, GA


Omniseal Wallet Holder

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