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Omega Vertical Juicer

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Omega vertical juicer


Wow does this baby have power! I juiced a glass of carrot juice in a mere seconds. No pulp or chunks in my glass either! I have no idea how this thing works but the juice comes out tasting so much more flavorful and rich. I love the fine pulp screen since I absolutely loath pulp in my juice. I have made so many tasty juices with this and I hope it lasts me for years to come. Pulp Setting Effectiveness It has a screen that controls the amount of pulp that comes out the shoot. Works very well at stopping the pulp from going into your glass. Stability While in Use Barely moves while I am juicing. I like experimenting with carrots too which are a very hard vegetable. Ease of Cleaning My only complaint is the cleaning of the juicer. It has a lot of parts and it's hard to get in all the crevices. Durability Seems to be made of high quality materials. Versatility/Number of Features Comes with a screen to control the amount of pulp that shoots out. It does not come with glasses or a pitcher for the juice. Design Looks very stylish and sleek.



Omega Vertical Juicer

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