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Omega Paw
Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Best Litter Box Ever!


The design on this litter box is really neat. The top snaps on to the bottom and to "clean" the litter, all you do is roll it over so the top of the litter box is on the bottom. There is a screen to the right that the solid waste product goes through and it fills the long scoop-like thing on the right so you just grab the handle and pull it towards you. Then you throw away the waste. Super easy! This litter box makes the chore of keeping the litter box cleaner much more simple than the standard scooping method that you would use with a normal litter box. I read an article about cats and cat psychology and it said you should have two of everything if you have one cat (three if you have two cats, four if you have three cats, etc.), so I purchased a second one for the main floor so we keep one upstairs and one in the living room. The smell doesn't get bad because we clean it more often and she has both to choose from so if she's on her cat tree, she can just get down and use the one in the living room.


Crofton, MD


Not worth it. Unless U own 1 small cat & have a large bathroom.


I don't recommend this to anyone who has multiple or larger sized cats. I have 2 cats & 1 of them is a large cat. There is almost no room for my large cat to get in let alone move around in it. The scoop area takes up 1/3rd of the size of the entire box. U can't put more than about 1" of litter in it. If U do it won't clean properly and the cats can't cover their business. If U have multiple cats you will be "rolling" your way to a clean litter box at least 3 times a day. It also requires a large area to "roll" the box. If U have limited space this isn't for U. It's only worth its premium price tag if U only have one small to medium sized cat & a large bathroom. The opening is too high for kittens to easily climb in. I wouldn't recommend it for kittens either. In short, don't waste your money, it's easier to scoop once a day than put up with the stench of cat poo.




Great concept, but cats wouldn't use it


I have had cats for 15+ years. I have never been one to want to sift and scoop litter. I just think it's nasty. When I came across a good deal on this, I thought I'd give it a try. It sounded like it wouldn't require me actually having to touch any poo. Well, one of our cats just totally refused to go into here and sprayed all over it and dumped on the floor in front. Well, ok fine. I took off the lid on one of these and left the lid on the other. I tried to use this a couple times but the lid isn't real secure and littter came out the sides and well, it was just messy and gross. Not to mention the fact that above forementioned cat continued to mess on floor and wall all round. I finally did away with both lids and these turned out to be not a very good deal or idea at all.My small cat used it with the lid on, but it just didn't live up to my non-messy expectations. I prefer to just dump the boxes once a week and not have the issues of big cat poo on floor.


Slidell, LA


Omega Litter box - does not perform


I was excited when I heard how much easier these litter boxes were to use than conventional litter boxes.  After opening the box, I filled them with the litter to try them out.  I was surprised how little room there is for the cats to actually climb in and use these things.  I don't have big cats, but they have to stand with their fron half outside the box.  That means it needs cleaning VERY frequently, otherwise they physically run out of room to do their business.  If that were the only problem, I would still find this a useful product.  However, I find the process to actually clean these litter boxes to be more tedious and time consuming than just using a regular box.  I usually have to tip it and open the tray multiple times to get most of the waste out.  Even after that, I end up having to remove the lid and clean it in the conventional manner anyway.  I have since simply removed the lid and used it as a more conventional box anyway.  Considering what they cost, I would rather just go and buy a cheap box for a third the cost.


Salt Lake City, UT


The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning litter box is awesome!


I purchased the **Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box **almost a month ago. We have 3 adult cats, one of which is quite large, and only have room in our house for one litter box. My husband detests scooping the litter box, and was doing it as infrequently as possible. I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for several years now, so have been avoiding scooping the litter box myself for health concerns. I was getting very tired (as were our cats) of the litter box being neglected, and so after reading many good reviews, I decided to order the **Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box **and try it out. It had far better reviews than the automatic litter boxes, except the Litter Robot, and the Litter Robot is 10 times the cost of the Omega Paw. Using this litter box is so easy! The cats adjusted to it with no problem whatsoever. I can 'scoop' it because I am not at risk of touching anything (I still take the precaution of washing my hands thoroughly, of course), and the pans stays clean! I also find we are going through less litter. Previously we were changing the litter out 3-4 times a month, and with the Omega Paw we just need to add a bit of litter every few days. I still plan to do a full change out once a month, but it looks like we won't need to do it any more often than that!


Wrightstown, NJ


Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a waste of MY money


I purchased this self-cleaning litter box for my fiance since he is the one that spends the most time cleaning all of the kitty litter. We have four cats and this can become quite a chore. I was able to get a good deal on this object, but found that it was more hassle than it was worth. All you need to do is "roll" it to get the mess into the drawer and you'll never have to touch litter again. Sounds easy right? Well, it seemed like it was...until you tried it. There was no way that I would have considered the litter clean enough to continue having my cats use the litter. My cats (who are rather large) were not thrilled with the small space either. They prefered going down to the basement instead and using the smaller open litter box. I would not recommend this cat litter box for anyone who has more than one smallish cat. I considered it a waste of money, even though I got it on special.


Colton, NY


almost a good idea...almost


we own 2 Litter Robots, so right away, we recognized this litter box as essentially a manual version of the Litter Robot.  both involve rotating the box so that the good litter sifts into a kind of "holding compartment" while the clumps keep on rolling into a collection drawer. it *would be* quicker and easier to use this litter box than scooping out a traditional litter box...if the clumps didn't stick to the bottom!  i've never had as much of a problem with litter sticking to the bottom of a box as with this litter box.  you end up having to break out the litter scoop ni order to dislodge the clumps that stick to the bottom, which kind of defeats the purpose.  you may as well be scooping, as far as i'm concerned.  also, if your cat happens to pee near the "sifting grill", clumps tend to form around the grill.  once again, you have to break out the litter scoop to dislodge another stuck on clump, and this time, part of the clump is stuck inside of an area that should contain "good litter" when you tilt the box and nothing else.  parts of these clumps get stuck in the "holding compartment", so eventually you have to disassemble the box to get those clumps out because they start to smell.  finally...apparently some people assemble the box wrong and have problems because of this.  this is not the case with ours...the "sifting grill" piece fits properly, the litter sifts through as it should, and there is a small "lip" on the "sifting grill" piece that fits into a little channel along the edge of the bottom piece.  we are absolutely 100% certain that it is assembled properly...but still, some litter tends to leak out of the side when the box gets rolled.  it's not because the box is assembled incorrectly.  it's because the flimsy little clips that hold the thing together aren't enough, and the fine but heavy litter is easily able to create a little gap to escape through. but, on the occasions then clumps don't stick to the bottom, it is a lot faster to clean than a traditional litter box.  it's just that that doesn't happen very often.  the best thing this litter box has going for it is that it's a lot less expensive than a Litter Robot.


Baton Rouge, LA


A self-cleaning litter box makes one less thing I have to smell.


The Omega Self-Cleaning Litter box is a God-send. Not only does it keep my house from smelling like a cat shelter, it even makes disposing of the feces easy! I never have to have that lingering rotten smell embarass me infront of house guests again. It doesn't even look like a litter box. I don't have to put it away when someone comes over and have my cat search for his bathroom when they do. Even cleaning up is simple. I take out the collective tray and dump it in my toilet every 2 or 3 days, then just put the tray back and go on with my day. Before, I had to put on gloves and a face mask before I even thought about getting close to the litter box to clean it. Plus, I would have to endure this every day! It was definatly time for a change. I've had several cats for the past decade and no litter box I've owned has compared to this. I tell all my cat-owning friends to at least try it. I was even skeptical at first; it's enclosed, it probably looks scary to my cat, it's mysterious.. But after one of my cats, Pockey, sniffed around a bit, he went right inside-only about 15 minutes after I set it up. I was estatic. This litter box has honestly let me worry about one less thing I have to constantly check on in my house. To go back to a regular old litter box is out of the question to me. The price is worth every penny, and it's like I get a refund when I think about how much time and odor it's saved me. I encourage anyone to take a chance on a self-cleaning litter box. Especially this one.


Bismarck, ND


The Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is Wonderfully Simple


When i first heard the name of it "self cleaning" I was expecting an electric automatic litter box.  The kind that clean after the sensor has been hit.  But when I actually saw the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box, I started to laugh - it is self cleaning all right - I am the "self" that has to clean it!  BUT, I decided to take a chance anyway - I was looking for something easy for one cat to use, but compact enough to stay out of sight.  Cleaning really wasn't my top priority.  So I took this home to my cat, Rigbe, and let him at it.  He didn't seem to mind the smaller litter box (his prior one was twice the size and open on top) and we had no "accidents."  The next day I decided to "clean out" the box.   I couldn't believe how simply it was - simply turn on it's side and all of the clumps are caught in a separate compartment.  That compartment has a handle attached to one end that you simply pull out and dump.  Insert it back in and you are good to go.  I recommend this product for anyone with one cat - more than one would require more litter boxes I believe (from personal experience).


The Villages, FL


The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box was a great switch.


I used to have a regular litter box for my cat, but now I use the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box. It was a fantasic switch from the old ways. When the people in the household were out at work, school, or play, we did not always have time to scoop the litter out of the litter box. We would scoop the litter box daily, but sometimes it may have been too late. Sometimes this caused our cat's litter box gets too messy, and when that happens, our cat would find other places to do her business. We changed our cat's litter box every weekend, but finding other places to do her business started becoming a very bad habit for her. We had to find a way to clean her mess shortly after she left the litterbox, or else she would continue to worsen her bad habit. My family went to the store, shopping, and while we were there, we saw a self cleaning litter box. We thought that this thing would be a great solution to our increasingly worse problem. However, the one we first saw, did not look that great. But we definately thought the idea of it was great. We were not experts on self cleaning litter boxes, so we finished shopping, and went home. When we reached home, we got on the computer, and started looking up great self cleaning litter boxes. After a bit of research, and a couple talks to the employees at a few pet stores, we purchased a Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box. At first, the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box was a very strange object to our cat, and she was not quite sure what it was. Within a couple days of familiarizing her with the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, our cat was no longer leaving a mess in the wrong places. Although the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box scared our cat at first, she got used to it pretty quick. It no longer scares her. Having the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box allows us to not have to scoop the litter box daily, but instead just change it when it needs changing. It lets us worry less about the messes that could be left, and the hassle of cleaning them. Although this version could still use a little noise reduction, it works when people are not around which is a great benefit. Even though it can sometimes make a mess by spilling a little bit of litter over the top, it is nothing we can not handle. It is defenately not as bad of a mess our cat would make on her own with the old litter box. Not even close. Plus the old messes were much more frequient. We have only had the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box spill once or twice, and it was barely noticable. Overall, the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box cleans for us, allows us to not worry about messes, is much less hassle, a great idea that can expand further and better, but it also is very loud.


Lake Oswego, OR


Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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