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Omega Fitness
Omega Fitness CO-BR130

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Comfy and fun


This is one of my favorite pieces in the workout room that I set up in my mom's basement. I go there every weekend to work out, and even my mom uses this machine. She's lost quite a bit of weight using this machine alone. The nicest thing about this machine is that it's one of the easiest to use, and is by far the most comfortable machine to use while working out. It's as simple as riding a bike, but better. With this, you have the option of stopping whenever you want and not having to worry about riding back to where you started. You can get up and take a break, use the bathroom or grab a snack (a healthy snack, of course) whenever you feel the need. You also don't have to worry about the weather interfering with your good health because you're in the comfort of your own home the whole time. If you're looking for an easy way to drop a few pounds, you should try this product because I know you won't be disappointed.

Hamilton, MI


Omega Fitness best present!


I got this Omega Fitness bike for my birthday and while I normally wouldn't like a peice of exercise equipment for my birthday this is an exception! I love my Omega and I use it practically everyday. This bike is better than another other bike I have had previously or any bike I have ridden at the gym. The seat is beyond comfortable and my butt isn't numb half way through my workout. I could seriously bike for hours on this thing! I would certianly reccomend it to anyone and it's extremely user friendly. I am by no means a tech wizard but this bike it very easy to operate and use. I have had no troubles at all and figured it out completely by myself! If you are looking to lose weight but don't feel like running Omega fitness bikes are the way to go. My leg muscles have definitely improved since using it and I feel much more confident and to top it off I've lost 15 pounds and I'm sure I've gained some muscle as well!

Mansfield, OH


great for the exercise room


I had an exercise room installed in my basement and this is one of the various exercise machines I had delivered in to it. The machine is actually much heavier than I thought it would be. The color is great and it offers a change from the regular black designs that are available on a normal basis. The bike is nice because it is a few different levels of resistance. I can set it at a level where it is very easy for me to pedal, or I can set it at a level where it takes a lot of effort to pedal. The seat on the bike is quite comfy. I love how it is padded and I can sit on it for a long time and not get a bit sore. The seat is also adjustable so I can recline it if I would like to. The handlebars on the bike are easy to grip onto and I do not have a problem with my hands slipping off even if they get sweaty. The bike has an easy to read screen so I can see different rates as I exercise. This bike was very well made.

Norwich, CT


omega CO-BR130 is comfortable and easy to ride.


**The Omega CO-BR130 is very comfortable and rides easy, it's perfect for poeple with knee problems or back problems who cannot ride regular bikes. But as far as the fat burning and aerobic effects, your pretty much wasting your time on any recumbent bike. Wether you have restrictions on your excersise level or not your better off jumping on a treadmill or elliptical if your looking for any type of results out of your time and energy. The best stationary bikes are spinning or RPM style. Y will work hard but if done at a decent intensity you can burn up to 900 calaries in a one hour session. Stick to it a few times a week and you will definately start seeing toning and weight loss results within 2 weeks. Anyways the **Omega CO-BR130 is okay for what it is But I would not make that my choice of product to purchase for my home gym.****

Mobile, AL


If real bikes were this comfortable, I'd pedal everywhere


A thick, wide, cushy seat, with a back rest to match, make this the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. Two sets of hand grips give you the fit that right for you. The pedals are slip resistant and have shoe guards. The digital read out screen is a good size with rotating feature numbers for rpm, distance, calories burned, pulse rate, time, and distance.The tension adjusting can be changed at any time. I found this to be the best bike for the price and it is sturdy. This is not a fold down and stick under the bed bike.

Livonia, MI


Omega Fitness CO-BR130

4.2 5