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Oma's Pride
1750, 1732, 1998, 1823
Oma's Pride Oma's Pride Mix Chicken

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Oma's Pride too high in carbs and doesn't respond to complaints


  Having owned a diabetic cat, and two cats that blocked with crystals, I am highly sensitive to the foods I feed my cats.  I want to feed them a high quality raw diet, and for years made my own food from the information found at www.catinfo.org  Owning multiple cats makes making my own food time consuming, so I went in search of a product I could buy.  I found Oma's Pride at a locally owned pet store and my cats liked it.  Over the course of my feeding it to my cats, one of the cats who had blocked with crystals started having problems again.  Recently four of my eight cats had severe digestive upset - resulting in incredibly foul diarrhea, and one of the cats needing to go to the vet due to a depressed nature and going off his food for several days.  Nothing showed up on the tests that were run, so we concluded there must have been a difference in the food.  Because my youngest also had several incidents of bones being stuck on his teeth and a diabetic foster cat who was also eating Oma's was giving me wild numbers, I wrote to the company.  They were willing to listen to my problems at first, but I have not heard back from them in quite some time. I am using up the food I have, and will have to decide if I am going to find a new brand to feed, or start making my own again.  The 20% vegetable matter in their "cat" food is way too high.  As shown in the above mentioned website cats have almost no nutritional need for vegetables or any other carbohydrate (wheat, corn, rice).  I am also shocked by the size of the bone fragments in their food.  As well as my kitten having issues, one of my older cats had a bone fragment stuck on his teeth recently that was quite large and did not allow him to close his mouth. This might be a perfectly acceptable food for dogs because they are not obligate carnivores and have the digestive ability to handle vegetables.  They generally have larger teeth to keep bone fragments from getting stuck, but I can no longer recommend it nor will I feed it to my own cats.  I hope that Oma's will develop a cat friendly food that has a finer grind and not nearly as many "fillers" of vegetable matter.

Kennebunkport, ME


Oma's Pride Oma's Pride Mix Chicken

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