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Olympus - Stylus 800

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For the person who wants a SLR camera but cannot afford it.


I got this camera in April.  I have shot both pictures and video.  They both were great.  I still need to learn all it can do for me.  But I love it and would recommend to someone who is wanting a camera with a wide array of options.  It was a great buy at an even better price than I have found elsewhere.  I love shooting pictures of my flowers and nature.  And I wanted something I could get closeup pictures but not be right up on it while taking the photo.  And this one gives me that.  The technology is built in.  The software is built in also.  Has built in storage which is added bonus.  So right out of the box after you have charged the lithium ion battery you can shoot pictures and put them on your computer.  If you don't have a computer this camera may not be for you.  Unless you have a photo printer.

Springfield, OH


LOVE this camera! Awesome pictures!


   I brought this camera because I wanted to be able to take a picture of my daughter when she was playing in the outfield during softball games. I am glad I purchased this camera. It takes amazing pictures and the 30x zoom really outdoes itself. The quality of the pictures and video is good. This camera is well worth the price. I love that the camera charges while plugged into the computer.  I find it very time efficient to charge the camera while I am uploading my pictures and/or working on the computer. The camera comes with 2Mb of built in memory that allows for plenty of pictures to be taken.  I do think that if you do not have access to a laptop while a vacation, a memory card is a must.  The memory is great if you have access to a computer to download your photos. I do think this camera could be a little more user friendly.  Because the user manual is on the camera itself and not in paper form I find it hard to access the information as easily as I would like. The camera settings available are amazing and include a way to fix blemishes and such on the camera.  I would highly recommend this camera to family and friends and already have. I have a friend who is in the process of buying her own camera.  This camera is wonderful for actions shots, still shots, portraits and more.  I would not recommend this for children unless they are older and tech savvy.  This camera isn't the smallest or lightest camera on the market, so it could be awkward for children. 

Annville, KY


Great camera with numerous options!


My parents got us this camera when we got pregnant with our first child because my parents were out of the country and wanting pictures.  The Olympus Stylus 800 has been a great camera for taking pictures and videos and uploading them to the computer.  This camera is really easy to use and takes very good quality pictures.  The picture quality does go down when the you zoom too far in, but we really haven't needed the high-quality zoom.  The Stylus 800 takes good videos (again, the quality goes down when you zoom in) and also picks up sound really well.  Our camera has a rechargeable battery, and we have been very pleased with the life of the battery.  We have owned the camera for three and a half years now, and the battery still holds its charge.  Overall, I am very pleased with this camera because it has been perfect for our needs.  Our main use for the camera is pictures of family, friends, and events. 

Tulsa, OK


Olympus - Stylus 800

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