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Olympus - Stylus 770 SW Digital Camera

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Awesome Product


i love this camera.  the underwater features are pretty cool, you can even take video underwater.  also, very durable, if you're clumsy and constantly worried about breaking your stuff because you drop things (like me), you don't need to worry with this one.

Orange, CA


Decent product for active people


I am used to a big LSR type of camera. I love the quality that the LSR's provide. I bought the Olympus 770 to throw in my pocket or purse when I don't feel like hauling my big camera around or if I just want to bring a camera along in case I need it. I purchased this particular camera because it is waterproof and shockproof. I have two boys so we use it on the boat, tubing, football games, etc. We will take it on our upcoming cruise and try it underwater. The picture quality is o.k. I'm not overly impressed, but I guess it is o.k. for a great sized, durable pocket camera. I'd rather have an average picture of an event than no picture at all. I did find the camera was a little on the pricy side. Overall, I am glad I purchased it.

New Orleans, LA


The best camera we could of bought for our trip to Hawaii!


The Olympus Stylus camera was an awesome purchase.  I decided to purchase a waterproof camera when we were planning our trip to Hawaii.  I wanted something that would take great pictures while we snorkled.  The pictures were great, I just wish I would of read the book a little more on the different settings the camera had.  My son had to teach me as time went on.  However, the camera was perfect.  The kids played with it in the pool for a few weeks before we left.  The pictures were crisp and clear underwater.  When we took pictures of the different flowers in Hawaii, the colors were amazing that came out.  You can zoom to something far away and there is also a setting to take videos.  I purchased a larger memory card and it holds over 9000 photos.  Perfect for a week's long vacation.  The only draw back to this camera was there is no view finder.  Just the LCD screen.  In the bright sun, it is hard to see the screen.  I am looking forward to the newer version that might hopefully have a view finder.

Virginia Beach, VA


Can't hurt it, can't beat it!


This is by far the best pocket sized camera I have ever owned or used.  If you are an avid outdoorsman, a parent, a college student, or just a klutz this camera is for you. It can be dropped, frozen, swam with... whatever! and after all of that it still takes incredible pictures.  Consumer Reports has neglected to ever review this camera but if they did I bet they would give it a 5 star review. With this camera you never need to worry about your technology, you can just live your life with the pictures to prove it. The Olympus waterproof camera family is the only type of camera I would ever buy again.   To summarize:  Tough technology that can survive a beating. Great price. Available in many pretty colors (if you care about that sorta thing) Amazing pictures. BEST CAMERA EVER :)

Lebanon, NH


versatile and rugged!


This camera is compact enough to fit into my back pocket comfortably but durable enough to withstand a 10 foot fall.  The camera is also waterproof.  It is the perfect vacation camera and fabulous for familys since there is no worry about drops if your kid wants to take pictures.  The only downfall is the that optical zoom is only 4x so that isn't much.  Otherwise, it is the best digital I've experienced.

Brockton, MA


Worst Camera ever


I had this camera for about a year. I got lucky I bought 2 year extended warranty. This camera stopped working on me over 3 times. The last time they couldnt fix it so they told me I coutl get a camera of the same price I had bought that one. I would not recomend to anyone. Water got in it even though its WATER PROOF. THe images are not the best. and it takes a while after you click for the pictere to be taken.

Hialeah, FL


Olympus - Stylus 770 SW Digital Camera

3.7 6