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Olympus - Stylus 600 Digital Camera

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Great product with questionable software.


My husband bought this camera as a birthday present for me. He researched digital cameras carefully. He was looking for something that would work in all weather conditions, something that had a nice screen to preview pictures, preferably a help function, and something that would fit within our budget. He found the Stylus 600 when it was being phased out at the camera store - a good deal for a good camera.I've had no problems with the camera. It has the ease of a point and shoot camera for me (a complete novice) yet can take really nice pictures when my husband takes charge (he's a very good photographer). We haven't had a problem with the camera yet, nor have we had any problems with the equipment that came with it.The only thing I would change about the camera, in fact, would be the software that was included. The Olympus software is clunky and not at all user-friendly. I have trouble with the most basic things, and I'm computer-literate. I can get the photos onto the computer easily enough, but it took me a lot of playing around to save the photos into a .jpg format. I have to use another program to compress the pictures for email or website use.My favorite feature is the ability to take close-up pictures! I love being able to get good pictures of flowers, my pets, and anything neat that wouldn't show up in a regular shot.In short, I love the camera, but wish I had an easier way of getting the pictures online to share with my friends and family.

Louisville, KY


Still competiting with newer, higher megapixel cameras!


I got this camera as a Christmas gift nearly five years ago. It was a great camera, then. I always got compliments on the picture quality and the look of the camera itself. As technology began advancing and 6 megapixels started sounding like nothing, I asked my parents for another digital camera (an Olympus FE-330). When I got that camera, I obviously used it more than my old Stylus 600. However, I have begun comparing them. The battery on the Stylus lasts much longer. It takes video, but sadly, the video doesn't have sound... that's the only real disadvantage. It's very durable. I've dropped it many times and only have two scratches on it. The zoom is remarkable. The FE-330 takes slightly better outdoor pictures, but the Stylus (in my opinion) far outdoes the FE-330 with indoor pictures. I still use the Stylus (more often than the FE-330), and people always ask what I took the pictures with and are shocked when I announce that it's such an "ancient" camera with only 6 megapixels. They still love the pictures. I recommend Olympus digital cameras to everyone I know. I've never had a problem with them. Both of mine are doing so well, and I haven't allowed them to start piling up dust yet!!!

Spencer, IN


Good, functional camera


I bought this Olympus Stylus 600 camera some time ago, so newer models may have more features, but I have found that this camera meets all my photography needs. If you are looking for a point and shoot, this is a good camera for you. I bought this model for the macro capability, which works great, and the software that came with the camera makes downloading pictures to my computer very easy. Some additional features I like are the ability to time stamp pictures, automatic focusing, and being able to zoom in before you take a picture. It does take an XD card instead of the cheaper, easier to find SD cards, but cards are so large these days that this has not been an issue. I also purchased an extra battery and a case for the camera since those were not included in the original box. When I purchased this camera, the reviews on it were wonderful and I have no complaints. Olympus is such a great brand for cameras and I plan to keep this one for a long time! 

Aurora, CO


Olympus - Stylus 600 Digital Camera

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