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Olympus - FE-46 Digital Camera

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I'm happy with this digital camera


I would never give this much money to buy a nice digital camera, but I wanted one so bad and finally I got one for Christmas a couple years ago and it's been such a great camera.  I had a crappy digital camera before that that always took dark images.  Then my camera in my cell phones were better than that one.  But this digital camera is a blessing and a great gift and it helps us keep memories in vivid color.  It has great zoom and nice picture quality, it comes with usb cord for easy viewing on the computer and the TV cords too so we can view them on the television.  I never had any other nice digital cameras so I can't really compare it to others, but I can say that this is a very good camera that I'm very pleased with.  Oh, and I really like the recharagable battery, the battery life last a long time and I recharge it every so often, but it lasts a long time.  Well I highly recommend this camera for anyone looking.

Richland, MO


Awesome purchase for your budding photographer!


I purchased this for my 9 year old daughter who LOVEs to take pics and video. She actually saved her allowance and I wanted to find her a good, but economical camera. She found it a bonus to get the crayons and storage box with the deal we found. And what is cool about the software included is that my daughter can take her own pictures and turn them into coloring pages. She's already made coloring books for her siblings!! And the price on these go up and down...keep your eye out and you can get a steal! We were watching the pink one, but when that price went up we were stoked to see the blue one went down. They also have this in black with the crayola extras. The case is great for storage and travel and we found ours on Amazon.com. Pros: Great quality pics and good video. AWESOME zoom. Easy download to computer. Good accompanying software w/USB cord Easy to use. Awesome camera for kids...good investment for your budding photographer. Cons: batteries...it take 2 double A batteries...buy good electronic rechargables to get more bang (and pictures) for your buck. I highly recommend the the Sanyo Eneloop rechargable batteries...they seem to last "forever" in her camera and recharge in 15 min. (And amazon has them for a great price!) Somewhat slow response between picture taking. Could be a bit frustrating for adults who want to take pictures "fast." Takes the "micro" SD - not a deal breaker, but had to purchase.

Burlington, KY


decent camera nice veiw screen


i like the camera how ever the nice sized screen and decent image quality don't make up for the drastic learning curve. it took us a while to figure out the settings and menu's.it would be nice to have a simple menu system.instead of craming in features that only a professional might ever need. and the square navigation button is perfect for your fingers if your 5 but mine are to big to easily use the button.  

Anna, OH


Olympus - FE-46 Digital Camera

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