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Olympus - FE-4010 Digital Camera

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Good little camera


I got this as a gift for Christmas a few years ago.  I needed a camera since I was about to have my daughter-and so far this has done the job!  It's not a very high quality camera and doesn't do well for far away pictures, but for the basic everyday family pictures it does a great job.  It's easy to change the settings, even for people not very familiar with cameras.

Spokane, WA


I love my Olympus FE!


We bought this as a backup when our fifth and final son was born a few months ago.  After playing around with it we decided we no longer would be using our Sony Cybershot (that my husband bought while in Kuwait and the directions were in Japanese).  I love the multiple settings on this camera and the quality of photos is amazing.  I have been telling everyone about this camera and now my sister wants to get one.  The ease of use is a big plus for my husband who isn't too farmilar with camera setting and photography.  I have been using this camera both personally and professionally (taking landscape and nature photos in the manual mode).  I love that it charges FAST which is a big plus when my goofy little 18 month old is always doing something wacky.  This is now the only camera we use (well until I get my professional one...hint hint hunny).  I would definately recommend this camera to anyone especially new parents because of its quality and how easy it is to use.  Definately worth the money.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


I love this camera!


I love my olympus camera! this camera is great, wonderful pictures, it works perfect at night, day or any time of the day, no matter what always works good. i love my camera and i will defenitely recommend it to everyone, i love it so much, i bought another one to my sister, and she just fall in love with it also. great stuff.

Brooklyn, NY


Olympus - FE-4010 Digital Camera

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