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Olympus - FE-370 Digital Camera

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Olympus FE-370 does the job right.


I am a person that loves to take pictures all the time. I tend to carry a camera in my purse wherever I go. When I asked for a new digital camera for Christmas last year I was not surprised to find an Olympus under our tree since my dad loves Olympus cameras. It is an average sized digital camera but the screen in the back it pretty large. This makes it easy when I hand my camera to my four year old niece for her to see what she is taking a picture of. It has many great settings under the scene mode like self portrait which I am known to use alot. This is for when you hold the camera yourself and take a photo of you and your friends. They always come out great. It also takes movies and has a built in microphone. This quality of the videos is ok but could be better. For a digital camera with it built in it does the job. Overall I am happy with my Olympus camera and look forward to many more happy photos in the future.

Fremont, CA


Great camera - I'll buy olympus again


When I first started looking at cameras I was continiously told by people to not by an Olympus but never really given a reason. To this day I still don't know what they were talking about because I love my Olympus camera. I purchased it on a great sale right before Christmas one year and have been using it ever since. I'm not a professional photographer nor am I trying to be one so the Olympus allows me to literally point, click and shoot. I get great results. After having our son I wanted to learn a little more the different modes for picture taking and found them to be very easy. Two buttons to get to the menu area and then each item has a description on the camera display. Which is nice since I would have never been able to find my manual and read it on my own. Uploading is easy as well. The battery last for days and tons of pictures. I never have to worry about it dying during an outing like previous cameras I've owned. I love everything about this camera. I hope it never breaks but if it does I'll buy another Olympus.

Lansing, MI


Oustanding camera!


I have had this camera for over a year now and it still works just as well as the day I got it. It has survived trips around the country, sandy beaches, and water spray so it is very sturdy. The pictures are of great quality and are very crisp. It is the ideal camera to capture that one moment that you want to remember forever.

Savannah, GA


Easiest to use on Auto


My husband and I received this Olympus camera as a gift. So we didn't pick it out, and I can't comment on the price. But I will say that, although we did intend to buy a digital camera, I wouldn't have picked this one. It's not a bad little camera as long as you use it only on Auto. But it has many features that should be easy to use that aren't and would take a digital-camera expert to figure out. Actually, this camera is not user friendly even for an expert because, even if they know how to use these features, they would have a difficult time figuring out how to access them on this camera. This is not an intuitive camera; no one could just pick it up and see how to perform a function such as zoom or view pictures already taken. There is a way to access all the features, but you have to understand the user guide in order to do it. And let me tell you about the user guide: you won't be able to understand it. I'm a technical writer and am sure this is the worst piece of technical writing I've ever seen. But we keep the camera set at Auto. At that setting, most everything is automatic, and we don't worry about getting a bad shot. And, I must say, the pictures we get on Auto are good, especially considering that we grab shots quickly, usually as animals are moving. We live on 2.5 acres with a woods at the edge of our backyard so see a lot of wildlife in our backyard every day. We keep our camera ready on the table in front of the window wall so we don't miss capturing particularly lovely animal scenes. Besides the Auto setting, another feature we did figure out how to set was the feature to compensate for unsteady hands. My hands are unsteady if I'm not leaning my arms on something when I take a picture. This camera compensates for that, and my pictures are never blurry because of it.

Romeo, MI


The Olympus FE-370 camera is a must for a first time buyer.


This camera was my first digital camera that I have purchased for myself.  I have used them for some time but delayed getting one after being schooled for a 35 mm.  I chose this camera for the megapixel and because of the name Olympus.  It has fit into my life perfectly for the style of pictures I take. Easy to download the pictures right into you computer.  The quality of pictures is outstanding.  So easy a four year old can use this camera.  Light, compact and fits perfectly in your hand.  Its a fun versatile camera that is easy for a technically challenged person to use and learn with.  i will be giving the Olympus FE-370 away for Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts for the family.  In fact, my parents have requested me to bring it for their 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration next summer.  Even my 80 year old father was able to use this camera compared to other digital cameras.  He loved it and I love it.

Oceanside, CA


Olympus - FE-370 Digital Camera

4.6 5