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Olympus - FE-360 Digital Camera

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The Olympus FE 360 is more than worth the money!


I love my Olympus FE 360. It is very easy to use, reasonably priced, and the perfect size.  I love its small cute, sleek design.  I would reccomend it for the on the go girl. I love to throw it in my purse in the morning. It fits right next to my wallet and phone! I love always having it with me to take the picture I want when I want it.  I never find myself saying, 'Man, I wish I had a camera' anymore.  It takes excellent pictures. It's super simple to upload the pictures to my computer when I'm done taking them.  All you have to do is plug and go.  Another one of my favorite things about this camera is the large viewing screen.  The camera is small but the display is large.  The only drawback I have found in the little over a year I've had this camera is has stalled on me a few times but only when it is low on charge.  However, the battery holds a charge very well.  This camera comes highly recommended by this girl!  

Lafayette, CO


Great Little Camera


The Olympus FE-360 is a great little digital camera.  It is small in size making it convenient to carry in your purse or pocket.  This camera is easy to use.  You don't have to worry about changing settings.  Just point and shoot.  The flash will automatically go off when the lighting level is low.  The camera has an easy to use zoom function if you want to take close up pictures.  The best part about the camera is that it comes with a small, square battery pack and cherger.  I have had my camera for over two years and just continue to recharge the battery.  No need to purchase new batteries every time you use the camera.  The camera also came with a cord to plug into the computer to download your pictures.  The computer will automatically download the pictures.  There is no software that needs to be loaded on the computer before you can download your pictures.  This camera takes clear pictures and focuses automatically.   

Smiths Station, AL


It is okay for a lower price digital camera


I received last year the Olympus FE 360 Digital Camera as a replacement for another point and shoot camera that died.  I love the camera when I got it and it worked well.  Then one day it stopped working so I charged the battery and it never came back on, so I mailed to Olympus.  The customer service was amazing at Olympus they were very willing to help.  Within a week they called to tell my camera had a defect and they were replacing it with a new one.  I have had the new one for about a year and I love it.  Sometimes the lense cover doesn't close all the way, so dust gets on the lens.  So I clean it.  I like how compact the camera is and that I can just throw it into my pocket and go.  I love my camera and it is very easy to operate that even my five year old daughter and get good pictures with my camera.  I highly recommend this camera for anyone who is in the market for a nice camera at not at bad price.

Milwaukee, WI


This really is a great digital camera,i have one,and its great


This is really a good digital camera,it don't have a lot of memory,but it is still a good camera,it takes clear pictures,you can also take pictures with a frame around it,it also have video recording,you can also set the timing on it to take a picture of yourself.I never really cared about a digital camera,until i got this one,i am loving it, I can save my pictures from my digital camera on my computer,it is really great and thats no joke,it is a olympus FE-360 digital,it may not be the best name brand camera,but it works just as good as the name brand,and it is not expense either,i would buy one anyday and anytime.It is very conveient,and it is small enough to carry in your purse,as for the guys,it is still small enough to carry.

Elton, LA


Olympus - FE-360 Digital Camera

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