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Olympus - FE-280 Digital Camera

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not good for action shots or kids playing


this product is very durable and easy to use. But if you want to take pictures of your kids playing or any action shots I do not recommend it. You will get more frustrated then it is worth. But any over shot are amazing. Sunset come out fabulous Image Quality It does not take very good action shots and you have to hold your hand steady Ease of Use extremely easy to use


Scottsville, KY


Stylish, slim, best digital camera


Definetly one of the best cameras out there. It is Slim, light and good battery life cam that I ever had. It has feature to take picture with voice. It is very light to hold and slim to go into pockets. This 8 Mega Pixel camera takes out good quality pictures with sharpness.


Parlin, NJ


Lightest weight, most megapixels, best value.


Now most people have a camera on their cell phones and don't feel the need to carry another device, but this camera is the lightest weight camera ever!  It was a gift a ferw Christmases ago and I have used it every day since!  It has 8 mega pixels, lithium ion battery - which is rechargeable! So you don't have to waste batteries on a draining device.  In my experience, the batteries make the cameras heavier.  It is a slim camera, with a big screen, easy controls, adjustable flash, macro for upclose pictures, fast zoom, video camera function - with sound!  I keep it in a neoprene case in my bag at all times and it is safe and secure.  I have dropped it several times by accident and it is totally fine!  The memory card (512mb) never fills up and pops in and out from the battery compartment, the resolution is awesome, great zoom!  The only cons are, plastic battery compartment lid, picture saving could be faster, wait time between pictures sometimes annoying, sometimes hard to time the shutter with the action you want to take a picture of. 


Charlotte, NC


The FE 280 is a great bang for the buck


The Olympus FE 280 has been a great camera. It is made very durable and takes great quality pictures. There are a dozen features that you can use and the camera can hold large quanities of pictures. We are on our second of this particular camera because our son dropped it on our tile and the lense got bent (nothing else damaged and we were still able to view pictures) but we loved this camera and knew we could rely on great pictures coming from it. We had bought another brand of digital camera which was pool quality and were blown away by the quality of this particular one. This is easy to use even without reading the instructions.


Victorville, CA


olympus camera


I love my digi cam. I just wish it was faster. I have a little boy who i love to take pictures of but it's so hard to catch him in the action quick enough. The camera has somewhat of a delay when you press the shot button


spokane, WA


its realy good


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Camby, IN


olympus cameras are generally a good


I own an Olympus Digital camer and I absoulty just love it! my pictures come out crystal clear and it is very easy to use. i would recommend this camera to any first time digital camera user! i love the price, slim design and the look of the Olympus camera. It also comes in a an array of specially cool colors and it's very easy to use. I alos just love the smaller design of the camera. I can say that I have dropped this camer before and it still worker just perfectly. No cracks or anything like that. The picture quality in auto mode is also a good bet. As for the settings, it has quite a few options and some of them I still don't know what all they do, but someone who not a digitally challenged as i am could easily figure it out! I love that you can find this camera at almost any store that carries digital cameras.


Houston, TX


ITs Amazing.


I really liked this digital camera. so much so i got one for my mother and sister. its great for anything your taking pictures of. Outdoors, fireworks, snow, lake, etc. i really recommend it. at first i didnt like the color so i returned it and they had no problem finding the color i wanted. it comes in many many many many many many colors


Jacksonville, FL


Easy to Use, Affordable, Great Quality


I found this Olympus FE=-280 To be a great camera. I bought it for my husband's birthday but have since stolen it and use it myself (everywhere) the picture quality is incredible and it is easy to use, since I am just a novice who wants to take family outing pictures, etc. I adore this camera and the color is so cute. I also found it to be affordable compared to other, similar quality cameras and would reccomend it to anyone


Decatur, GA


Get what you pay for


From the great Olympus this deffinetly dissapoints. I have owned previous Olympus digital cameras and they all far outshine the FE- 280. I found the quality was sub-par, others options were relitivly useless and what it did have was had to use. Would not suggest to buy


Grand Prairie, TX


Olympus - FE-280 Digital Camera

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