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Olympus - FE-210 Digital Camera

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Olympus FE210 dies in humid climate


It was unfortunate that I bought this camera... It started working OK  and I was impressed with the quality of the pictures. Then I went to Acapulco... Humid weather and it just died. The screen turns on a white light... Read the instructions and they recommended to leave it in a dry place for a while and would work again.... well, I am still waiting. It has been a year! I would not recommend this camera to any one


Yucca Valley, CA


Perfect size to carry everywhere


The Olympus FE-210 Digital Camera goes with me everywhere.  I purchased it because I left my larger digital camera at home and needed to make Christmas pictures.  It is so great because it fits in my pocketbook and I never have to worry about not having my camera again.  The images are very clear and the camera performs well when taking shots in low light.  I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to have a great camera that you can always have on hand.  The battery seems to last a long time but I keep another one charged in the case, just in case it does fail during picture taking. 


Bethune, SC


I love my Olympus Ditial Camera!!!!!!!


I bought my Olympus Digital camera for Christmas last year with a gift card from my boss.  I've used it over and over for pictures of my grandchildren and at a camp that I volunteer at each summer. It has been great!!!  The picture quality is great and so easy to use.  Even my 5 year old granddaugter has used it with no problem other than getting pictures of grass and only edges of people. Ha!!!  I highly recommend this camera.


Houston, TX


Olympus-FE-210 is an awesome camera


Olympus- FE-210 This camera is awesome. It is also the third olympus camera that i have had. I am still new to thiss brand so i am still checking out all of the features. but, i can tell you olympus lasts and takes a licking and still works. I have 4kids so you know it is true.


Stafford, VA


Most for your money!


This camera really gives you great bang for the buck. You get many settings and features for less money than the other brands, and the quality is just as good. I really love my camera because its small and i can carry it anywhere with me in my pocket if I wish to. I would like the recovery time to be a tad faster, but that is something that I can easily live with. Overall, a great deal! :)


State College, PA


This camera takes forever to load.


My father and I were using it for a Memorial Day parade. The image quality wasn't that great and it took forever to load. After taking one picture, the camera would freeze and it would take at least another 5 to 10 secounds for the screen to load back to camera mode. It might be slow, but it is small enough to carry and very light.


Brooklyn, NY


Excelent quality pictures, easy to use.


Fantastic camera, works perfect for family trips. took mine to oklahoma kids loved it, zoom quality is perfect, does not kill the batteries. got a little foggy when we had it in the cooler, lol bad idea. but then it worked out fine cause my friend jan came over and we had a blast making popsicles taking pictures of melted gooyness it was amazing will def use this camera again and again! and again and again, and then we took pictures of wilderness and bears eating cooked sushi. it was fandiddilytastic.!


Apache Junction, AZ


Great features for the price


This camera packs a lot of features for the size and price.  In this price range this is the only camera I saw with image stablization.  This is a great camera for a purse or backpack. The only problem is the battery usage, but that occurs with my other Olympus digital as well.


Canoga Park, CA


Great for size and price


We already had a bigger more expensive Olympus Digital camera and were looking for something smaller and easier to take everywhere. This camera was perfect for the price paid. Has all the same features as our larger camera and uses the same size camera cards. It is nice to be able to take the camera anywhere to take pictures of the kids. Quality of photos are good. Ease of use with computer is also nice.


Alexandria, VA


Olympus - FE-210 Digital Camera

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