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Olympus - FE-20 Digital Camera

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Good if you want a simple little camera


This is an okay camera for the cheaper end of the price range, I've seen both better and worse. It doesn't do the best in low light and I get some blur when trying to take action photos but the color in pictures tends to be good and the sharpness of the image is about standard. Not what you want if you're looking for a powerful, professional camera but it works if you're just looking for a light camera to take personal photos. For the price it is a good value, but mine never really measured up to more than just a run of the mill camera. Image Quality Not the best but not terrible, about standard for cameras of this price range. Performance Battery life can run low, but when it is charged it works as well as any other standard camera. Ease of Use Menus can be confusing and you need an external SD card to really make it useful. Durability Been dropped a few times and held up with only a few scratches. Portability Small and light, easy to carry and fits into a pocket so it's very easy to carry.



My little play camera


My wedding present from a friend has allowed me to store a lot of fond memories on this small camera. For a mini camera, this works just like a professional camera. I love the different things you can do with it. Although it has many different features which is confusing to me, but if you set it on basics, it works well. I don't understand the size features on the photos since I cannot tell the difference on how they come out. It seems to hold a lot of memory in the chip. I have had this camera for 3 years now and I love the simplicity of it. It takes amazing pictures and I love the clarity of the pictures. It is so compact that it fits in your purse and this little gadget can videotape too. I was able to tape a wedding ceremony off of it and it picks up the volume very well too. You can shoot moving pictures or in the dark. Cameras have really come a long way from instant polaroid shots, no need to have dissatisfying pics because you can see them instantly now and retake if needed. No waste of film either. Sad to say, the only thing is I think I lost the battery charger and cannot remember if I left it at a hotel out of state when attending a family wedding so now I need to replace the charger in order to get it back up and running! Ease of Use Too many features Battery Life Just hate that you have to take out battery to charge

La Crescenta, CA


The FE-20 is the best staple camera I've found


I remember a few years ago when my mom got a bird in her craw and decided she was going to be a cool amateur photographer so she went out and bought a huge camera with lots of buttons and settings and filters and junk. She promptly proceeded to bring all vacation photos to a halt while she tried (and failed) to figure that camera out. THIS camera, the Olympus FE-20, is the total opposite of that. If you're looking for a good priced camera that is basically point-and-shoot but has enough options to make you feel like a photographer, this is for you. If my wife and I both pull out cameras mine, this one, will take a photo faster and with better quality. I'm not a better photographer either, if we switch, she'll do better. Ultimately, that's what I want in a camera. Easy to use, makes memories. Down side: the batter is tricky. Sometimes I'll pick it up and it shows full but after one photo it's blinking red for empty. If I remember I just plug in the batter the night before to be safe. Speaking of, the battery charger is a bit bulky but nothing really horrendous. It wouldn't stop me from buying another or anything.

Washington, DC


Okay for the price


My wife wanted a new camera to replace her old HP digital camera, 5.1 MP. She picked this camera because it had a higher MP rate, and it was not silver. The LCD screen on the camera is bigger and that is nice. I also got her a 2 GB card to go with the camera since onboard memory holds about 4 pictures. The ifrst place she took it was to a school play. The zoom on the camera is good, but without a tri-pod almost all zoomed pictures seem to be blurry. This camera also eats up the batteries. In darker venues, this camera takes pictures and the color is off. Outside in good light the pictures are clearer and the color is good (really good). All in all it a decent camera for the price, but if you are looking for a camera that you want to take pictures of your kids actually moving, you might want another camera. I would not really reccomend this camera unless you plan to only use it for sunny days outside.

Marion, AR


A Great little camera for the price.


**This is a great little camera for the price. I have been using OLYMPUS camera's for about 6 years now. ** **I bought this model about 7 or 8 months ago. For the average user I would suggest this camera. It's small and compact, easy to use.** **It comes with the battery and charger, will hold charge for about 2 days, before recharging.** **Clear pictures on the LCD, good focus and zoom. You can buy this New for around 130.00-150.00**  

Kite, GA


A great camera for carrying everywhere


We got this Olympus FE-20 to replace another Olympus digital camera that was no longer compatible with our laptop.  At first I wasn't sure I would like it because it was so different from the previous camera, but now I love it.  It takes great photos and has many options for lighting, etc.  The screen is actually much bigger than the screen on our previous (larger) camera. On the minus side, it has so many features that I likely will never use, the battery life could be better, and the manual is next to worthless. All in all, though, it is a good portable camera that takes excellent pictures.

Durham, NC


Olympus - FE-20 Digital Camera

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