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Olympus - FE-100 Digital Camera

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great pictures and easy to use


http://www.viewpoints.com/images/review/2007/323/19/1195523050-41949_thumb.jpg This camera is easy to use and takes great pictures. I love the different settings and how clear the pictures come out. come with cable to download. Great first digital camera.

Jamaica, NY


Capture those special moments in life = Olympus digital cameras!


I've always liked making sure I capture special moments and occasions with pictures since I was in my early twenties. I'm so glad I did! Especially having children of my own now, they love looking at pictures and asking tons of questions. Then always having to buy film, batteries and paying to have the pictures developed started to be a hassle because now with having children of my own, I wanted pictures of everything. We started out with our first digital camera a few years ago. For us the whole idea was amazing but it was very inexpensive, it took 4 AA batteries that seemed to die after taking 8 or 9 pictures and it didn't have a lot of functions. We were missing out on a lot of special occasions! Then on our anniversary one year, my parents got us our Olympus FE-100 digital camera. We love it! It's not big and fancy shmancy but it's perfect for us. We never have to worry that we forgot to buy enough film or bring a pack of 25 AA batteries again. Our Olympus digital camera takes beautiful pictures. This camera has so many features and options! It has a 2.5" LCD monitor so you can clearly see the picture you just took. And it has a digital image stabilization system because every picture you want to take isn't always under perfect conditions. Sometimes your moving or in a car and you can't stop. Don't worry Olympus won't let you miss out on that once in a lifetime shot. We love our Olympus FE-100 digital camera and we're confident that with it we will never miss out on another priceless moment, special occasion or once in a lifetime shot ever again.  

Perris, CA


Olympus fe100 is the best 35mm camera that I have used


I am 49 years old, married to my beautiful wife for 20 years, Jacqueline Denise Fain, and have 5 grown children and one 7 year old boy. The children age from 31 - 28 of 4 girls and 1 boy. Their names are Natkita, Latasha, Curtis, Kameka, Shatoria, and Tobias. I also have 6 grandchildren aging from 16 - 2. I use the G-1 phone from T-mobile, and being tech savvy I will get the My-touch soon. I will pay for quality products. I have 4 lines on my account. I will google online, text daily, check my facebook and twitter account. I got hurt on my Job in December 15, 2005 and hurt my back and was awarded nothing from my Job but getting fired a few months later. I applied for my disability in 2005 and continued to pursue it until finally this June I was given my disability. I am disabled, and will finally recieve it in February. I have struggled so much these past 5 years with my family and if it was not for my wife I never would have made it. And with the trust of God, it is our main source of living a Godly life. God is the centerof our hearts.

Dallas, TX


Olympus - FE-100 Digital Camera

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