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Olympus - E-410 Digital Camera

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Great starter/budget DSLR for newbies


The Olympus Evolt E-410 was my first DSLR and the one in which I learned about how much I loved photography and how much I wanted to take great images of my kids. With the Oly I was able to learn about lenses, manual shooting and white balance. My husband loved the live-view that the 410 had which mimics a point and shoot to those less inclined to take to a DSLR camera. Image Quality The images were AMAZING. SO crisp and clear, even when printed out at 8x10. I had many friends and family borrow the 410 for senior pictures and the like because the images it produced were so incredible. Performance I think it performed admirably considering it's limitations of odd flash. Ease of Use If left on auto, it was extremely easy to figure out. Shutter Priority or manual modes were obviously trickier. Durability Mine lasted me for 3 years so far, so very durable, even with curious toddlers who occasionally like to hold it and take a photo or two. Battery Life Battery life was extremely good, only required a charge every few weeks, and I took photos every day. Portability The E-410 is one of the most portable DSLR's due to its' size (dimensions), which made it extremely easy to pop into my bag to take to events or the beach and such to take photos.



Olympus E-410 - Love it!


This camera takes awesome pictures! You can buy any lens to this camera you can ever imagine. I have got one as a present and I never go for a trip without it. Pictures are coming out great on auto, but once you learn all the functions and tricks you can take professional, high quality and high definition pictures. Another wonderful aspect about it is its size. I believe it is the samllest one of its kind. I definitely agree that it is perfect for women because we don't like carry around heavy stuff, but we love taking great pictures too :) The only little problem that I have with it, is that it doesn't have a video recorder, but it's only because it is an older model. Also I noticed that these cameras don't loose value.

Atlanta, GA


Olympus - E-410 Digital Camera

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