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Olympus - D-535

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A Camera I wish I had not purchased...


I purchased this camera two Christmases ago for my then 13 year old.....Yes it was her first Digital.....When she wants to focus on her subject .....She can not see what she is trying to focus on because the screen is way to dark.....She loved it when she received it.....But by one week later she was telling me she wished I had bought one like mine (which by the way... was a bit more expensive).... Because not only could she not see her subject..... But it also took AAA batteries and she had gone through so so many.....I finally had to purchase Rechargeable batteries and a charger.....Wished I had spent that extra money on a better camera!


Amsterdam, NY


Camera is awesome!!


My daughter gave me this camera when she upgraded to a newer model. I have begun using this camera rather than my regular camera that uses film and processing. This is so much easier and less expensive. It takes 2 AA batteries. This is a very simple camera to use. It takes the best pictures and I have learned how to transfer them to my computer via the usb cord that came with the camera. It has a flash and a zoom that pretty much makes taking a picture fool proof. My 10 year old grandson took pictures with this camera and they turned out great. I like the fact that the pictures can be viewed immediately after taking and can be deleted if not acceptable. This is probably one of the greatest gifts my daughter has ever given me. I have begun to carry this camera most of the time. This way I never miss out on creating a priceless memory. Especially when grandkids are with us. I highly recommend this camera.


SmallTown, TX


Olympus - D-535

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