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Olympus - Camedia C-725 Digital Camera

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If there is any movement the picture is a blur


We received this camera as a gift and we know it is supposed to be a really good, high quality camera.  It has tons of different options and settings on it and a powerful zoom.  It captures tons of details in the pictures it takes.  The problem, however, with this camera, at least for us, is that if there is even the slightest movement when you are taking the picture the whole thing comes out blurry.  I do much better with a cheaper, less complicated camera, personally.  I have tried all the settings but have always had the same problem.  Perhaps it is just us but we have yet to be able to take decent pictures with this camera.  Luckily, my daughter is old enough now where we can tell her to be still for the 5 seconds or so it takes to snap a picture but we are going to have to go and get a less "high tech" camera again now because we have a new baby on the way who won't know to hold still!  Unless you really know what you are doing I do not recommend this product.

Deptford, NJ


The easiest and fastest way to save memories.


This digital camera is very easy to use and makes every occasion a memorable one. I use this camera for pleasure and work. Its multiple settings makes it possible to take clear and distinct pictures in the direct sun, part shade, dim lighting and very limited lighting. It will automatucally focus for still shots and action shots. You can avoid leaving anyone out of a large group photo by choosing the scene format or get closeups with a simple turn of the dial. And for those moments when you want to capture everything, there is even a video mode. Transferring, saving, editing, deleting photos are all simple and easy tasks on the camera itself or when phhotos are easily downloaded to a computer. The instruction manual is written very clearly and even the most technologically-challanged will find this camera easy to use, easy to replace the batteries, and easy to change the memory card. It's simply perfect for making memories last forever.

Austin, TX


I hope you never have the unfortunate experience of using this!


I love taking pictures, but this camera does not make it fun! When focused, this camera takes gorgeous, clear pictures. However, it is extremely easy to take an unfocused shot. When the flash is on with this camera, every picture comes out clear. But, I hate using the flash, as I often find myself in a situation where I'm using macro or where low lighting is necessary. These pictures come out blurry about 80% of the time, because you *have* to keep your hand straight. Even the slightest movement will cause the picture to come out blurry! This is especially true in macro. The camera also has a lot of trouble focusing on close objects; it once took me 10 minutes to get a sort of close-up shot of a scarf in ample lighting! If you want to take a picture of something in macro where you have to hold the camera, forget about it. There would be no possible way to focus unless you had a tripod or the camera was resting on a flat surface. The screen of this camera is also very tiny, so the only way to really tell if a picture is blurry or not is by uploading it to the computer. Another horrible aspect of this camera is the Sequential Shooting feature. This feature comes on pretty much all digital cameras nowadays. This feature allows you to take a series of pictures by holding down the shoot button. This feature is good if you wanted to take a picture of, say, someone running. After holding down the button and taking the pictures, you may have 10 or so pictures of someone running, with each picture in a different position. I would love this feature if it wasn't for one thing: the* *aperture (the amount of light that the camera takes in). Newer cameras are able to maintain a regular aperture when taking sequential shots. This camera, however, lets almost no light in, creating a series of very dark shots. The only way to fix this is to edit the pictures on the computer, and of course the pictures aren't as hight quality after editing them. You will probably never have to use this camera, but if you do have the choice to use this, stay away!

A Small Town, NJ


Slow shutter speed


This camera takes excellent pictures, but if your subject is moving, your picture will be fuzzy. I cannot count the pictures that turned out fuzzy once I got home and loaded them on the computer. Check out other camera for a faster shutterspeed.  It really is very important.  This camera is too slow once you press the shutter button.  

Clawson, MI


Olympus - Camedia C-725 Digital Camera

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