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Olympus - 1050 SW Digital Camera

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Everyone has an Olympus 1050 in my family


Everyone has an Olympus 1050 in my family. It's a basic modern camera and it is just very easy to use. Mine is black and to turn it on all you have to do is slide down the little panel in the front of the camera to reveal the lense. On the back it has a very big screen with all the buttons for your pictures. One thing I do not like about the camera is that it does not zoom in very far. My camera has done well underwater and takes great underwater pictures. But unfortunately, I do know that someone's camera has broken from being underwater, which is why I try to keep it underwater as less as possible. It is shockproof but I have not dropped it so I'm not sure how well that works. I like how it has a reusable battery, and the battery length is okay. It is not bad but it is not extraordinairily great either. But for basic vacation pictures and just family fun this is a great camera to have. VERY easy to operate.

Creedmoor, NC


1050 SW Perfect for Underwater Photos!


I received this camera as a Birthday gift about two years ago and a little before our family vacation to Puerto Rico. This camera was a perfect gift, as it allowed me to take tons of underwater photos on the beach, and on the speedboat. Normally, I would shy away from using my camera while on a boat in the fear that the camera would get damaged, but I had no such fear on this trip. This camera also allowed me to get pictures of myself and my brother swimming with dolphins in Mexico! The main times that I use this camera are underwater (on vacation), or in close group settings so normally I'm not affected by the 3.0x zoom function, however when attending sporting events it is nearly impossible to get pictures of anything. Also, the battery life is decent, usually can go about 3-4 days without being charged. Another thing I dislike is the amount of time it takes from pressing the button to take the picture, to the picture actually being captured. It is too slow and sometimes I'll miss something cool underwater that I really wanted to take a picture of. I do love that this camera allows me to take my own pictures on vacation instead of having to shell out money to purchase overpriced tourist photos!

Pittsburgh, PA


The best all weather water sport beach camera on the market.


This camera is without a doubt the best all weather water sport friendly camera for the money.  Being a surfer and a regular at the beach I was searching for a practical camera that would survive the water and sand.  I found the Olympus 1050 to fill the bill.  Not only is the camera small enough to but in your pocket but it is water proof.  If you get sand or saltwater on it you can simply wash it off.  Every beach goer should own this.  A nice feature, one I was not even looking for, is shock resistance.  I never thought about it until I dropped it on my hardwood floors and it easily survived the crash.  I have been in the ocean with this camera photographing my son while he surfed with no problems and no worry about getting it wet which obviously happens when I'm in the water with it.  We even take underwater shots in the pool.  I love it and it's easy to use!

Winter Haven, FL


very poor photo quality


I origianl bought this Olympus-1050SW Digitial Camera because it is good looking and water proof. But it turns out to be a big disappointment. The photo quality is very bad, sometimes even not as good as a cellphone camera. The photo tends to  be dark, which always need light adjustment in a Photoshop or other photo editiing software. The photo is not sharp enough and is always blury. If you are looking for a good photo quality camera, definitly not this model. I haven't tried the water proof function. I know this is a big selling point of this camera. But if it doesn't take good quality photos in the first place, what's the benefit of water proof and shock proof? My friend a portal digital cannon camera, which is in the same price range as mine, it takes much better photos which is sharp, bright and crystal clear. Whenever we go out together, I always feels ashamed to share the photo I took with Olympus. This is a model I won't recommend to you.

Kissimmee, FL


Olympus - 1050 SW Digital Camera

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