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Olympic Maximum Deck, Fence & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain

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I would like to give it less than 1 Star...Poor quality.


We found that this product was the worse that we used. Never again will we use Olympic Semi Transparent Stain on our deck. It lasted for about 2 years....maybe!! It started to wear and then it peeled off. We did everything that they told us to do when we painted it on the deck. Making sure that we followed the instructions to the tee. Well that didn't work and when we contacted Olympic...they said we didn't put it on properly?? I guess when you think that you have the perfect product anything that goes wrong with it is the customers fault. They don't know the saying the customer is right. Well, that will be the last time that we purchase anything Olympic if they treat their customers the way they treated us. We did our deck over this year with a solid stain and WOW all I can say....it is beautiful! Just the way it should be. Everyone who seen it couldn't get over how beautiful it looks now. So save your money and go to your local hardware store and ask the people in the paint department what they put on their decks....that's what we did and we got a great product that I know will last for longer than 2 years without looking like crap!!!

Saint Petersburg, FL


False Advertising- 5 year is more like 15 months


I built a bran new 1000+ sq ft cedar deck complete with an outdoor kitchen and stained it with Olympic Maximum 5year semi transparent stain. I followed the website instructions to the letter. For the first 12 months I had the most beautiful deck ever constructed. At 15 months the deck boards started to loose the stain and at 18 months the deck looked like crap. I contacted Olympic, sent photos, and got nowhere. I contacted the retailer who sold me the product who referred me to their local rep. He came out, took samples and sent them in for testing, and never called me back. I was accused of applying two coats (not true!). After continuous badgering they sent me a voucher for more stain and told me I'd have to sand the entire deck and reapply the stain! Why? So I can go through this nightmare all over again. Buyer beware of the label. It clearly states a 5 year stain. False Advertising! You'll be lucky if you get 15 months!

Rogers, AR


Olympic Maximum Deck, Fence & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain

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