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Olivio Premium Products
Olivio Premium Products Olivio Spread

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Olivio Spreads


There is butter, there is margarine, then there is Olivio! This is not butter. I think of it as margarine, but the fact that it contains olive oil puts it in a class called spreads. I was hesitant to try this, having always used margarine, but a nutritionist recommended this to me, so I went for it. At first it is hard to adjust to using a spread. It goes on breads and rolls just like butter, but when you use it on hot items like toast or warm rolls, it melts really fast and has a strange oily residue. I have used for cooking, frying, adding into potatoes, even in cookie mixes and they taste no different. Once you adapt to the taste it is fine. Because it is olive oil, you could melt it down and fry foods in it too, although you may use the whole tub up. This is a healthy alternative to butter and margarine. They do have a light version of this available, however, I personally do not care for the taste. It leaves a film in my mouth. All in all this is very good for everyday use, but tends to melt very quickly on toast, yet is always easy to spread as compared to hard butter. I recommend this for healthier options other than butter or margarine.



I said Hurray when I first saw this product!


I adore olive oil but it tends to slide right off a slice of toast or a pile of broccoli. Years ago, I started reading about all the really bad things about polyunsaturates and wondered if there was ever going to be a good alternative. Somebody must have been listening to my brain waves or something, because Olivio made its debut shortly afterward. I admit to a minor love affair with real butter but we all know we can't eat much of it. Olivio satisfies that taste for butter without being ultimately lethal. It melts and settles into the crevices of an English muffin just like butter does. It drips like butter does. It's even a believable shade of yellow. Olivio will never taste just like butter but most margarines don't. That being said, it is very tasty in its own right. I've used Olivio in baking and it works pretty well. Cookies spread out on the sheet while baking, but even this isn't tragic. Just space them a little farther apart when you're putting them on the cookie sheet.

Kilmarnock, VA


Olivio Spread Its why I crave Toast!


Toast and butter.  Not a great breakfast, but it's what I eat.  Everyday.  Except that butter is really not good when you are watching your cholesterol.  Olivio is made with olive oil, has great taste and is better for you than butter.  It has 70% less saturated fat than butter and NO cholesterol!  This is what I call a better for you product.  We are all trying to improve out diets these days and little choices like adding Olivio to your diet really is a heathly choice.  You will not miss that buttery taste you are hooked on.  Olivio just melts smoothly onto your toast or vegtables and just has a really good natural taste.  It tastes indulgent and its just a vegetable oil spread made with pure olive oil.  Probably not a good choice for cooking with, I am unsure of that but it is great on evrything I have used it on.  That bright yellow bowl is one of the first things you see when you open my refrigerator. 

Marion, NY


Olivio makes me feel better about my butter addiction.


If I was keeping a life time-line, 2009 would be the year of the olive oil. This year I have discovered olive oil soap and olive oil moisturizer to go with the butter substitute made from olive oil I've used for over five years now.  Olivio was recommended by my Father's doctor and then my Father recommended it to me. The butter substitute is called, **Olivio**. Olivio has a rich, buttery flavor that tastes great. You can buy it as a premium spread in a large tub made of light olive oil, a spreadable butter that combines real butter with canola and olive oil to make a healthier butter and a buttery spray that is perfect for diets because you can control the amount you spray. All of the Olivio products can be frozen so I always make sure I have an extra in the freezer- just in case. **What makes Olivio unique?** all products- no trans fat premium spread & spray- no cholesterol spray- has zero calories per serving spreadable butter-  half the saturated fat and 1/3 the cholesterol of butter, 400 mg. ALA Omega-3 per serving Olivio makes me feel better about my butter addiction.  As the product states, "It's not Butter, it's Better!"    

Northern, FL


Olivio Premium Products Olivio Spread

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