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Olivina Classic Olive Body & Leg Oil

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Surprisingly simple and natural moisturizer


I'm a huge fan of natural health and beauty products, so when I found this on the shelf of a local store I had to try it out. The brand Olivina offers many products, but this is the only one I bought at the time. This oil is amazing! Right after I get out the shower I apply it to my legs, arms, and anywhere else that needs moisture. It absorbs quickly, hasn't stained my clothing, has a light pleasant scent, and is pretty lightweight; which was a surprise to me since it is, in fact, an oil. Just a couple drops goes a long way, so if you try this out start off with a small amount until you get used to how to use it without wasting any excess. The moisture lasts all day, and since I've been using it regularly I've noticed my skin feels softer in general. I have sensitive skin and sometimes I get breakouts on my chest, so I was nervous about applying some oil there. It turns out that the oil did not bother my skin at all! I was really excited about this!! I wouldn't use this on my face, but I think it would be fine on my neck. I really like this product and will be buying more items from this brand soon!



Olivina Classic Olive Body & Leg Oil

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