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Olivieri Gourmet Pasta
Olivieri Gourmet Pasta Italian Sausage Borsetti

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Olivieri Italian Sausage Borsetti - both cute and flavorful!


I was strolling through the refrigerated pasta section the other day and Olivieri Italian Sausage Borsetti caught my eye. I am a big fan of stuffed pastas, or anything that resembles a dumpling - and Italian sausage is also one of my favorite ingredients. The borsetti are adorably cute, as they're shaped like little pasta purses filled with sausage and cheese goodness. They're also super easy to prepare - just boil gently in salted water for several minutes. They are a bit delicate, so **gently** is the key word or some of them might pop open on you. The filling includes seasoned pork sausage, cheeses (Provolone, Mozzarella, Swiss and Parmesan), bread crumbs, canola oil, and spices. The pasta itself is made with semolina, water and eggs. I like to let the filling have a chance to shine, so rather than drowning the pasta in marinara, I just toss it in a fresh pesto or simple brown butter sauce.

Denver, CO


Olivieri Gourmet Pasta Italian Sausage Borsetti

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