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Olivella The Olive Conditioner

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Minimal conditioning


Olivella The Olive Conditioner is marketed as a "green/natural" product. In the search for hair products that improve the condition of my hair while being mindful about the potential impact, I decided to give this line a try. Like the shampoo, this conditioner has a very strong scent that could be considered pleasant to some. To me, it bears a nostalgic resemblance to a musk cologne that my grandmother wore. The line is marketed toward people with dry and chemically treated hair. After rinsing out The Olive Shampoo, my hair felt like all of the moisture had been stripped out (see my full review of the shampoo for more details). The conditioner helped to replenish some of the moisture, but I never felt that the texture of my hair was "restored." In order to feel some benefit, I had to use a large amount of conditioner so I ran out of conditioner before the shampoo was finished. The Olivella Olive line did not provide the moisture needed to repair my dry, damaged hair. PROS: Moderate conditioning, contains natural ingredients, paraben free CONS: Strong scent, contains artificial fragrance/parfum, not rated by EWG If you found this review helpful, let me know with a "thumbs up!"

Suburban, NY


Olivella The Olive Conditioner

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