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Olevia Television

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Nice TV!


This is a great TV for the price. It was definitely very gentle on my wallet and also gave me all that I was searching for. I wanted something that I could game with on my PlayStation 3 and it offered all the HD features that I needed. This thing is full 1080i which is not the max output of my PlayStation 3 but I still have no complaints about the quality of display. However, when I have my computer hooked up through a VGA cable then that's where this TV begins to lack in display quality. The resolution is very low at 1366x768. 1920x1080 would be nice but for the price I couldn't find anything better. The television lags a bit when I want to turn it on but it's not unbearable. Also, the TV lags when changing inputs as well. The speakers on this thing are not perfect but once again the price makes up for that bit. You save so much you could just buy a nice set of surround sound speakers. Great buy!

Marietta, GA


Great quality for a great price!


Olevia 37 inch Flat Panel LCD  This TV was a great price.  The quality is terrific.  I stood in line the day after Thanksgiving last year for this TV not really knowing about the brand.  But it shows a great picture and we haven't had any problems out of it. 

Cordova, TN


The best Flat screen TV for your money!


As always every year when i receive my income tax refund i purchased 1 thing i had wanted for a while. A big screen TV. I searched and searched and priced all brands because i love to get the best for my money. I finally decided on a Olivia brand. This was the best decision i could have made. The size was perfect for the room i put it in and the sound and video on it is AWESOME! You know a lot of times the cheaper the TV means it will not be as good quality. But with Olivia that is incorrect. The Olivia TVs are some of the less expensive TVs but the quality is outstanding. So if you are in the market for a new flat screen hi-def. I recommend Olivia.

Collins, MS


Olevia Television

4.3 3