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Olevia - 26-inch HDTV-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV

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Great quality - Great Price


I bought a 26" LCD TV 2 years ago, and couldn't be happier with it. It has DVI Inputs and very sleek profile. Wall Mountalbe as well. Works with my DirecTV Universal Remote.Product DescriptionTime to update your old-technology CRT TV? Zoom into the future with 26-inch Olevia LT26HVE HDTV-ready flat-panel LCD TV. It features XGA (1280 x 0) resolution, a widescreen 15:9 aspect ratio, 3:2 pulldown, a 750:1 contrast tio, and 170-degree-wide viewing angle.Its 3:2 pulldown cinema video processing provides a smooth theaterlike experi e and the advanced digital sound processing matches image to audio phases to vent lip-synch inconsitency. The TV has a brightness rating of 700 cd/m2 (can a per square meter) and a 12 millisecond (ms) response time. It's compatible h 480i, 480p, 1080i, and 720p HDTV signals and has a built-in tuner, though y ll need an optional HDTV tuner to receive high-definition broadcasts. What's in the Box Syntax Olevia LT26HVE 26" HD-Ready Flat Panel LCD TV, remote control, 2 AAA b eries, VGA cable, power cord, Quick start guide, and the product manual (in e ish and spanish). Syntax's iDEA Technology (Innovative Digitally Enhanced Architecture) delivers an exceptional solution to digital display complexities commonly associated with color, contrast, sharpness, motion, noise and audio lip-sync. iDEA's suite of built-in and user-selectable video/audio features delivers precise colors, sharp resolutions and audio synchronization through its advanced Digital Sound Processor (DSP).

Chicago, IL


A great buy


A very good quality LCD TV for a reasonabolle price. Only the RC leaves something to be desired. I don't know about the Customer Service but some stories give mixed results. One may look at it this way, LCD TV's are getting cheaper, soon they will replace all CRT's and whichever TV one buys todays will most probably be replaced later.

Bethesda, MD


Olevia- Budget TV for great Value!


I bought the Olevia 26 inch TV several years ago. Although, I knew coming in that it was a budget television and thought it would break within a year, it has lasted me a long time considering the low price i paid for this. I find the picture to be very crisp. Although the picture is pretty amazing, I have a problem with watching certain things via my cable box. It seems to stretch the image causing everyone on TV to look fat. Another gripe I have with it is that the speakers to be somewhat bad quality. The volume doesn't go up as high as I would like. The speakers are also an eyesore as they jut out from both sides and make the television look like it has big ears. Aside from those two flaws, I find this product to be extremely worth it for the value. It has pretty good contrast ratio. All in all, I recommend this product due to the great price to value ratio. This TV is comparable to most other name brand TVs.

Staten Island, NY


Olevia tv bad for the long term owner...


My husband bought this television as a display model a few months before we got married. It was great for his bedroom as a single guy watching HDTV all the time, or playing video games. Once we got married and had a family the television wasn't always used for HD channels as much. If you are not watching a high deff channel there are the black lines on the sides of the tv, where the meet the lines are burnt in from top to bottom. Also for a while where those black ares would be where green tinting on the HD channels. When it was a display television it was never used so I know that doesn't add to the problem. We now stretch the picture if there are the black ares so the line cannot get further burnt and the green area has since faded. Other than that it is a great television, great picture, great sound for an older television. I think my husband has also complained about not enough ports on the side, but we had a WII, xbox, cable box, speakers, v-smile and DVD player. Not everyone has all that.

Oswego, NY


Works great for awhile, then the screen blanks out.


This television set was great when we first bought it. I love the flat screen, widescreen, and high picture quality. Unfortunately, the picture blanks out every so often after only a few months of use. I found out too late that this is a common complaint for this brand.  I would NOT recommend this television set.

Carlisle, PA


Awesome awesome awesome


  We just bought an Olevia TV on a doorbuster deal last week.Even though we got a great deal on it, we would probably have been willing to spend full price, because we are so pleased with the picture quality, value, and positive customer reviews.

Temple Terrace, FL


Olevia - 26-inch HDTV-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV

4.0 6