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Olevia - 232V TV

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It Was pretty Nice


I had gotten this as An Gift , On my Birthday  , 2007. And i Absolutely loved it. I Almost Went an bough 6 more , for my Childrens Bedroom . The Screen Was Veryy Clear , Very nice. I was able to watch all my favorite tv shows , Without any problems. Sometimes I would Just turn on the Tv and flip the Channels Just SO i can see the screen . One thing i didnt Really Like , Was the Volume Control , Sometimes it would get stuck And when i wanted to turn it up , i wasnt able to. Other than that the Product was Great and Definately worth money. I would Definately Refer this Item to a friend or family Memeber. It had all the qualities that i was looking for. It was Also at A great price, that Was one of the best gifts i have ever received in my lifetime. Kudos to the Creators. This was indeed a great product .


Detroit, MI


Great TV, clear and striking!


The Olevia/Syntax Brillian 27" LCD 1080P HD TV that I purchased was a great value!  The picture is excellent and the connection in the rear are easy access.  There were a couple of things that I did not care for so much.  The setup menu access is not exceptionally user friendly. You have to push too many buttons to get where you want.  The one thing that I really....and I mean really don't like is the remote function.  What is the point of a remote if you have to be within 4 feet to use it effectively.  I haven't tried a universal remote with it yet, but I hope that corrects the problem.  All being said, I would encourage buyers to purchase this due to the balance of quality and cost effectiveness. 


Battle Ground, WA


Olevia - 232V TV

4.0 2