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Ole Henriksen
Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel

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Ole Henriksen Gel is very nice


**Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel **is a nice, lightweight and smooth gel treatment that is very pleasant and soothing to use in my evening routine. I love that it's a gel rather than a cream, as creams can often feel too heavy for my face at night and end up rubbing off all over the pillow. It comes in a basic (if somewhat small) jar, the color is mostly clear, with a slight yellow tint that doesn't show up on my skin, and it dries and absorbs fairly quickly. It seems to have had a good effect, making my face look overall moisturized and smooth each morning, with somewhat smaller pores and less noticable lines. It does have a little bit of a chemical sting when I first apply it that I don't care for, but it doesn't cause any actual irritation so it's not enough to outweigh the good points. I highly reccommend this night gel to anyone looking for a reliable, effective addition to their skincare routine.****

Eugene, OR


An oil free gel good for all skin types and problems


Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel is for all skin types. I had a sample of it and took it in my travel bag over the holidays. My usually oily skin became dehydrated from the airplane flight and the climate change. Later on the first evening of my trip my skin broke out. I already have heavily pigmented skin from freckles and acne scars, the last thing I wanted to have over the holidays was a peeling and pimpled face. I used the product before bed and woke up with much better skin. Alpha hydroxy Acids help expose younger firmer skin and tightens pores. It doesn't irritate either. I'm ready to check out the whole line of Ole Henrikesen after such a good experience with this sample.

Los Angeles, CA


Made my face feel baby bottom smooth


I put on this gel at night after my moisturizer and go to bed. I can feel it getting tight but that is how I know that it works. I wake up in the morning and I cleanse my face and notice that I have the softest skin ever. I love this gel because it diminishes the look of my fine lines and leaves my face feeling oh so soft. I feel like that it works very well as a hydrator and plumps up my skin with moisture, which is why it is so smooth and soft. Ole Henriksen's line consists of natural products, and this gel is no exception. There aren't any harsh chemicals that you are putting to your face, making you look good inside and out. The smell is quite good and not offensive because to me, it smells like aloe and some kind of plant from the ocean. All in all, it smells very fresh and clean. Another thing that I would like to note is that it tightens up your pores, and really firms your face in general. It is a great product to use as an anti-aging aid and also preventative care for those fine lines that may come up.

Charlotte, NC


Great for pimples or acne


I love this stuff! One thing I didn't expect to find using this night gel was that it treats pimples really well. Not only does it hydrate and firm my skin at the same time, it dries up pimples dead in their tracks! If I start to feel one forming, I make sure I use this at night and it is considerably less in size by the a.m.  I am only using a trial size but plan on finding it in the normal size soon. i can't imagine not using this every night. It soaks in, but hydrates and firms too. It's incredible.

Birmingham, AL


Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel

4.5 4