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Old Spice
Old Spice Red Zone High Performance Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant Pure Sport 75 ml

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Best Anti-Perspirant Out There, and My Wife Loves It Too!


I used to buy a variety of different deodorants/anti-perspirants, searching for something that could cure my sweaty pits. I was a fan of Old Spice after-shave, so I decided to give the deodorant a try. I think the first one I tried was the clear stick, and it smelled nice, but it did almost nothing for my pitting out. I found some Old Spice body spray called "After Hours" and LOVED the scent. I used it as cologne for quite a while. Pretty soon, Old Spice made a deodorant/anti-perspirant with the After Hours scent, so I bought it. It was the soft-solid variety. It smelled just as good as the body spray, and WOW did it work well! It cut my perspiration down by about 90%, and even when perspiration occurs, it smells great! My local supermarket stopped carrying the After Hours variety of the soft-solid, so I recently searched for it on Amazon. I found some and bought a pack of 6. My wife absolutely LOVES the scent, so she tried some for herself. Her response was, "Why the hell don't women's deodorants work this well?!"

San Antonio, TX


Old Spice is the only deodorant I use


I always buy the old spice brand deodorant. It's the only brand that I ever buy. The smell has become a representation of me. It always smells fresh. I love the sent, it gets allot of people's attention, especialy the women. If you are looking for a deodorant that is going to do its job by smelling good then buy the old spice brand. It lasts long and stays dry. It keeps my pits dry for at-least twelve hours. Even on a hot day while playing football, it takes a long time to get through the layer of the formula and the great smell still lasts for the time that you begin sweating. It gets rid of bad odors and puts on a manly smell. The deodorant is called high performance, that means it lasts on even when doing things that would cause you to sweat allot. It follows by its name and does everything that you would expect from a deodorant for men. There are many diffrent choices of flavors for old spice, you can find one that fits your personality best.

Everett, WA


I buy these for my boyfriend, but end up using them myself!


I have always loved Old Spice. When I smell that smell, particularly the aftershave, it reminds me of my dad when I was a little girl, and your dad is always the example of a real man, right? So naturally, I buy Old Spice for my boyfriend too. When they started putting out deodorants, I started buying those too, because I am obsessed. The great smell and good price is exactly what I expect from Old Spice, but the real surprise for me is how effective this deodorant is (for me as well as my man). It really stops perspiration, and doesn't leave a white chalk on my clothes. All this without the "Axe Effect"--i.e. super heavy men's cheapo cologne smell. I liked it so much that I started to buy Red Zone for myself. It's not as musky and extreme as most men's fragrances, and it's not as flowery or girly as most women's deodorants. Awesome, and always affordable!! I know some ladies would shy away from trying a men's deodorant, but hey, if it works, why not?  

Nederland, CO


Old Spice Antiperspirant Pure Sport - be fresh, dry, happy


Old Spice has been my fragrance of choice for the past forty years.  Old Spice after shave and cologne are Christmas gift staples I receive almost every year.  It only stands to reason that my choice in antiperspirants would also tend towards the Old Spice brand. I have used the original scent of Old Spice antiperspirant for many years.  Then, just recently, I was "forced" to consider another scent when my store was out of original scent.  The only Old Spice antiperspirant the store had in stock was the Pure Sport fragrance.  I had no choice if I was to stay with my beloved Old Spice.  I had to make a major change in routine. I jumped in with both underarms, so to speak.  And since the product was on sale, I had to buy two,  Well, it's several months later.  The transition is complete.  I'm now an Old Spice Pure Sport scent solid antiperspirant user - regulaire!   What a great scent.  Pleasant.  Subtle, yet manly.  And still that Old Spice effectiveness in keeping me dry.  I still like the regular scent but Pure Sport is better.  This old dog discovered a new trick.  Old Sice Antiperspirant Solid - Pure Sport scent!

Chambersburg, PA


Old Spice Red Zone High Performance Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant Pure Sport 75 ml

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