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Old Spice
Old Spice Fiji Body Spray

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smells amazing


I so love this scent, it smells amazing and stays on strong all day long, i am drawn to my man when he wears this scent, i just want to love him, he smells so good.

deltona fl


I absolutely love this stuff


Old Spice Fiji Body spray is awesome, and I am not typically a person who likes any of these body spray products that are so popular today. It has a light and airy scent, but it is still masculine. You feel clean after using the product, which is something I like after leaving the gym. This is worth a try.



Old Spice Fiji Body Spray: Perfect for my teen


I have a 12 year old son who is now getting to the stage where he wants to smell good. His body is changing and he's sweating more...and he's starting to notice the girls, so I decided to buy Old Spice Fiji Body Spray on the off-chance that he would like it. Over the holidays, I found a gift set that included the spray, deodorant, and a small body wash. He loved it! The smell is really nice and young, which is exactly what we were looking for. It's a clean smell, so it's not overpowering like the original Old Spice. It doesn't smell "old". We also like the fact that the smell lasts the better part of the day, even on the days he has gym and sweats. I think the biggest reason he likes it though is because it makes him smell like a young man and he receives compliments all the time about it. I enjoy it because he smells really good and I know it makes him feel good. Thanks to Old Spice, there's always coupons in the Sunday paper or online, including the coveted BOGO's, so I've managed to stockpile enough to last the entire year. Kudos to Old Spice for bringing a younger and fresher side to their sprays and remembering that the people who use their products are younger than they used to be.

Meldrim, GA


Old Spice Clean


I love they this smells , i like that it is it a bottle like axe does but its old spice brand, which makes it even better because isn't my favourite smelling spray but the old Sppice spray really has a qunique clean scent and i like the fiji specifically because it comes with matching deodorants. its awesome to have this spray on my back pack when i go to the gym or when  go hiking with friends or family. Most of the time if my friends dont have any deodarant i could lend them some spray and wont have to worry about sharing my stick of deodorant with someone else. Another thinkgi like about his spray is that the design is pretty awesome and appealing which also was a reason that drew me towards trying this product out, I'm actually wearing it right now .. Things that have cool designs and colors really draw my attention and this was one of those things that cauighty my attention. I for now on use old spice and not axe

San Antonio, TX


Old Spice Fiji Body Spray

4.8 4