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Old Smokey
Old Smokey Jumbo Charcoal Grill

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Invest in a great charcoal grill that will last almost forever.


Old Smokey is a great brand name grill out of Texas and still owned and made with a family company. The grills all look the same and are made from galvanized steel (very durable like cast iron but a little easier to keep up), but the sizes vary. A 22 inch is like the full size Weber kettle, and the Old Smokey charcoal grills are set low with short legs (though I think you can buy longer legs and install them - I'm short and don't mind short grills so no biggie). Overall, you are looking a low set grills with Old Smokey, so plan on having a lawn chair and kick back when grilling. The style on Old Smokey grills is really nice with space below and above the cooking grate which is nice for circulation. You get a lot more wiggle room with this style than with most charcoal grills. It also makes for nice heat circulation, so you can put the lid on and do some light smoking or convection outdoor cooking. Personally, I like the bottom and head space on grills and find that beginners do much better with ones styled this way. I own an online grill space called Yes You Can Grill with easy grill recipes that work well on the Smokey and other grills. A lot of people think that they need a super hot grill to "sear," but that often leads to charred food and raw inside. It takes skill and practice to master most grills, but Old Smokey is one of the easier grills to use plus is well made and lasts for years and years. So, I would say it is a good investment for outdoor fun.

southern, NC


Old Smokey Jumbo Charcoal Grill

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