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Old Navy
Old Navy Sugar Plum Peony Body Butter

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Wow! Unexpectedly good!


*Old Navy Sugar Plum Peony Body Butter* is a product that would never have bought for myself.  In my mind, apparel companies make clothes while beauty companies make lotions, creams, and the like.  When I opened up a Christmas present and found this product inside, I thanked my friend profusely and already mentally planned to give it or throw it away.  I am happy that I didn't do either of those things because I really like this stuff!This body butter contains mostly synthetic ingredients, but I did see shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E in the ingredients listing.  *Sugar Plum Peony Body Butter* is a very thick and rich cream--the perfect consistency for a body butter in my opinion.  It is easy to scoop out and spread over skin.  Although this moisturizer is incredibly thick, it absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft but not greasy.  I can apply this body butter in the morning after my shower and my skin will stay hydrated and smooth at least until I get home in the early afternoon.  That seems about right for any moisturizer in the cold and windy month of January.My only complaint about *Old Navy Sugar Plum Peony Body Butter* involves the scent.  It is a blend of sweet and tart sugar plum and floral peony.  I do not like floral fragrances as a rule and the peony component of this scent is no exception.  The sugar plum and peony scents start out with equal intensity after application but over time the sugar plum dissipates and you are left with almost straight peony.  Ick.  Still, the fragrance isn't enough to totally keep me from using this body butter because I really like how thick it is and how well it moisturizes my skin.  The next time I visit Old Navy, I will keep my eyes open for the same body butter in a different scent. 

New Jersey, NJ


Old Navy Sugar Plum Peony Body Butter

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