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Old Navy
Old Navy Frisbee

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Old Navy Frisbees are the best


I used to love to go to Old Navy looking for dog stuff because their prices were great however now a days they don't seem to stock that much of it anymore. I used to buy a lot of the plush toys and have bought two or three Frisbees for my dog. I looked everywhere for a soft affordable Frisbee for my dog for years before finding the ones at Old Navy. I love how soft and flexible the Frisbee is because it makes it easer to get it back from the dog not to mention my dog has destroyed a ton of Frisbee. I always hated playing with the hard plastic Frisbees with my dog because on more then one occasion the Frisbee broke when my dog caught it and I was always afraid that she would get hurt. Luckily I didn't ever have to worry when playing with the Frisbees from Old Navy. Overall I would recommend Old Navy Frisbees to any dog owner who wants to play Frisbee with their dog. So if you can find them at Old Navyget them while you can.


Erie, PA


Old Navy Frisbee

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