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Wood & Furniture Polish
Old English
Old English Furniture Polish - All Scents

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Only wood polish I use


I only use this on my wood floors, rails and furniture. I love this product and only use this...nothing else. I dont like oil products. My kids love to slip and slide when I used this to wax my wooden floors. Pregnant ladies would have to be cautious haha. I'm glad to be able to find a product I can use for life to clean and sustain all my wood works. I've tried pledge before and it just doesn't do it for me. My mother in law also asks me what I use...its my secret ;)


Springfield PA


Old English cleans & polishes my wood furniture!


I am not brand-loyal to furniture polish. I think the last four I've bought have all been different brands, and the last one I bought was **Old English Furniture Polish**. I think it was the price and the "fresh lemon" scent that got me, but regardless, I love it. I might even buy it again! Performance Old English Furniture Polish cleans, polishes and protects wooden furniture. I like that it doesn't leave a waxy, greasy residue behind like many others do. I also like that it cleans my kid's food off the wooden dining table very easily. The bottle says that it also protects wood from watermarks and stains. Scent As far as cleaning products go, this one is pretty good. Not as good as my Sun & Earth All Purpose Cleaner that is orange scented, but that one doesn't clean wood either. Old English Furniture Polish comes in a "Fresh Lemon" scent that I do like.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Old English Furniture Polish - All Scents

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