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Old English
Old English Almond Oil Furntiure Polish

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Left furniture too oily


I had used Old English Almond Oil furniture polish a few times before. I was not a big fan of Old English Oil furniture polish. It left my furniture too oily for my taste. I like furniture polish that leaves my wood furniture with a shine but not greasy. The almond scent of Old English oil furniture polish smelled great and left a beautiful shine, but I just didn't like the greasy feeling on my furniture after using Old English oil furniture polish. I prefer using Old English Aerosol spray can instead of the oil furniture polish. I honestly believe that the aerosol can does just as good of a job as the oil furniture polish, just without the greasy residue. Performance Old English Oil furniture polish left my wood furniture with a beautiful shine, but my furniture was left feeling too greasy. Scent The almond scent of Old English Oil furniture polish left my furniture with a great scent to them.



Old English Almond Oil


I have a large house with a family of seven and an animal sanctuary I need a large house. Many of the items in my house are wood from coffee tables and end tables to the built in oak book case that holds two-hundred books. But with all the activity and with just life itself I want my woodwork to look nice many of the items are antique. When I polish my coffee table which sits in front of my wood stove the coffee table is usually covered with soot. Also the coffee table is very dry because wood heat is dry. So I put some Old English Almond Oil Polish on a rag, and rub it in and the coffee table absorbs it like skin does good lotion! By the time I'm finished the Old English has made my coffee table along with all my other wood work look lustrous and rich. The thing I like most is it doesn't have an oily residual like some other wood polishes I've tried. Performance Old English Almond Oil Polish does everything it promises. I like all the Old English products for my woodwork I won't use anything else. Scent Very nice smell leaves your home smelling great not obtrusive but clean and piquant



Beautiful wood furniture--and smells yummy!


 I've been a long-time fan of Old English Lemon Oil, but the last time I bought furniture polish I picked up a bottle of the **Old English Almond Oil** instead. What a nice surprise! When I started polishing the furniture, my husband came out of his study and asked me what the great smell was. He asked if I were baking cookies! This furniture polish works the same as the familiar lemon oil; you sprinkle several drops on a clean dusting rag and spend some quality time caressing your wood furniture, which for some people might be a painful experience but it provides some zen-like time for me to slow down and really appreciate the beautiful things I have. It is an oil, so it's not for those who don't like to get their hands dirty, and it is a hands-on experience, so it's not for you if you don't like crawling around the house to dust your chairlegs. I have a houseful of custom cherry pieces and some beautiful old oak and walnut pieces that have been handed down from several generations of my family, and I've always trusted them to Old English. Most of the time I swipe the dust off quickly using a microfiber cloth, but 2 or 3 times a year (mostly when it's too cold to go outside) I take a day to go around the house and oil everything, including all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. I've been really happy with the Old English Almond Oil, and recommend it for anyone who has wood they want to keep beautiful (or rejuvenate). A fabulous bonus-it also makes brushed aluminum appliances shine! I use it on my breadmaker and other kitchen appliances to eliminate fingerprints and other smudges. I give this stuff an A+!

Louisville, KY


Old English Almond Oil was not my choice.


Some products are better left on the shelves.when i tried Old English Almond Oil,I could tell that i wouldn't like this product.It didn't give me  the result that i wanted, or was looking for.I didn't like the fact that it was really messy and  I did not get that shine or glow like i had done with other products. I found this product to be too oily and greasy, it leaves a dull look on the furniture. I like to see my furniture with a shine after i have cleaned it This would not be one of my select choice items to purchase. I didn't really like the smell of the product. I will pay for what  i want and i feel that i should get good quality in what i purchase, but this is not what i get when i use this product.Some products just are not good ones. I would not recommend this oil to any one else. It does not do what it says it does. I know that you get what you pay for, and i didn't get much at all.

Smithville, GA


Old English Almond Oil Furntiure Polish

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