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Olay Winter Retreat Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash

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Smells so good and has a really sudsy lather


I was able to use a great coupon to get this Olay Winter Retreat Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash for a great price. I love this that smell like vanilla and right now it's in the middle of winter so I thought I would give this a try. It comes in a HUGE bottle. The bottle is heavy but it easy to handle and the lid flips open and closed really easily. The body wash is a thick white body wash. I use it on my loafa and squeeze out about 2 quarters worth, give or take a bit. It smells really good kind of like vanilla and something else but not quite sure. It lathers up really quick and feels like it cleans very well. I don't really see a difference in my winter skin. I feel that my skin is normal all year round so if you're looking for something special from this body wash you might want to look somewhere else but if you are looking for a good smelling body wash that does the job of getting you clean you can try this one.

Columbus, OH


nothing spectacular


I got this in a coupon deal and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I didn't spend a lot on it. There was nothing horrible about it. Because of the branding though I was expecting it to wow me and that didn't happen. Generally I don't like strong perfume smells, but I do like vanilla scent and this barely had any. If you like extremely subtle smells you may enjoy this. I thought the scent would be "indulgent" but instead I found it to be bland.  The texture was a little thinner than some of the other washes I've used, which were almost like gels. I found I prefer the gels over this, but others may prefer this. It's not so thin that it's annoyingly runny, just not as thick as I'd like.  As for moisturizing, it did a good job of that. Often in winter my legs get dry and scaly. I've been using this for about three weeks, during the worst of winter so far, and I haven't had any problems with dry skin.  Overall there was nothing bad about the product, but also nothing remarkable. It was a forgettable product for me. If the product is free or almost free I would get it again, but if I'm paying full retail without coupons there are much cheaper brands which feel more luxurious.

Sterling Heights, MI


Leaves your skin smelling and feeling great!


Olay Vanilla Indulgence Moisturizing Body Wash is one of my preferred brands of body wash. It has a very delicious smell when you are using it, a creamy vanilla dessert like scent. The level of scent is just right; strong enough to smell decadent, but not so strong as to be overpowering or sickeningly sweet like some other brands. Unlike some other moisturizing body washes, this product does not make me feel dirtier after I use it than I did before I got in the shower. It has just the right level of moisturizers in it to allow me to feel clean, while leaving my skin soft and smooth. I especially enjoy using it in the winter, when I find that my skin tends to be much drier than in the summer months.  I can only think of two critical points for this body wash. First, I would like the scent to linger just a little more after I get out of the shower. Second, the price is really quite high for a small amount, even if it is a good product. When I find a good sale or coupon however, I will always choose this product.

Voorhees, NJ


Olay Truly Brings a Winter Vanilla Indulgence With Every Shower!


**My awesome little twelve year old son came home from doing some work in his grandfather's yard this Sunday and handed me a pink bag with an item inside wrapped in tissue paper.  My birthday is Saturday, so naturally, my dad took him shopping.  I received a kit with some Olay soaps, body wash, and a scrub.  What I am reviewing today is the body wash my son purchased for me that smells more like desert than bath time.  It smells like the most delicious coffee creamer you could ever taste on a winter morning!  I had never seen this product before.  Olay Winter Retreat Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash **is truly great smelling and really moisturizes where you need it, but washes clean and dosen't make you greasy where you don't!  He is a wise little man and a fabulous shopper.  I will next be trying the scrub and bar soap.  I have used Olay products for years and they have never let me down.  Its no longer just for the aging, but then again, we are all aging, are we not?****

Rochester, NH


Olay Winter Retreat Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash

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