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Facial Cleansers for Dry Skin
Olay Warming Hydrating Cleanser

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Olay Warming Cleanser feels so soothing on my skin.


When I read that this cleanser was a "warming" cleanser, I wasn't sure what to expect. Even though the product claims to have a "warming technology" that "activates when it comes into contact with water to deeply warm skin and relax pores", I was very skeptical. How cold a facial cleanser feel warm on one's skin? Boy was I wrong! After splashing my face with water, I squeezed about a nickle-sized amount of cleanser onto my fingertips and began to massage it over my face. I immediately felt a warming sensation on my skin! It was unbelievable! How does Olay do this? As I continued to massage the cleanser over my entire face, the soothing warm sensation persisted. The fragrance was light and not overpowering. Overall, this cleanser was a pleasant surprise! I just found out that Olay no longer carries this specific cleanser, but they do have another warming type of product available (just not this specific one). So I'd definitely recommend trying it!

Huntington Beach, CA


Olay Warming Hydrating Cleanser is a nice change


Looking around for a new cleanser at a local drugstore, I came open the Olay Warming Hydrating Cleanser and decided to give it a try. Now, first off, I must say that I usually start off the day with some nice facial cleanser and cold water, so I was a little averse to using the product. Nevertheless, I was willing to give it a try. When you start working the cleanser into lather in your hands, you can definitely feel the warming sensations on your skin. Putting the lather on your face and scrubbing away the dirt with this product is very soothing. I usually enjoy being woken up with a lurching cold face wash, but I found that the warm awakening induced by the Warming Hydrating Cleanser was a nice change too. After washing the cleanser off, my face did feel softer and more hydrated than before, so I think the name is fitting. However, because I myself prefer a cold water morning wakeup call (it's more effective for me since I usually have to get up and running out the door early to start the day), I think this product would be better suited and more geared towards those people who want to start off the day feeling relaxed and inspired. Definitely a nice product, try it out!

San Jose, CA


Just ok


I bought the Olay Warming Hydrating Cleanser after my sister recommended that I try out this cleanser to feel the warmness. The warmness is about the only good thing about this cleanser. As soon as your put it in your hand and start rubbing it together, the gel gets very warm and continues to stay warm as your cleanse your face. It is especially nice for those cold winter mornings when you are freezing. My biggest complaint is that once the container is halfway empty, it is difficult to squeeze the rest of the gel out, as though it is stuck in there. I have tried to same technique people use with toothpaste - roll the container down then put a clothes pin on it. This has worked well, but only for use at the sink. When your hands are really wet, it is difficult to get a good grip on the container to get the gel out.  Overall, I'd say to give this product a try and see what you think. They are pros and cons with it.

Morgantown, WV




I first bought the Olay Warming Hydrating Cleanser at Big Lots because I was looking for a new facial cleanser to try, and Olay was having a mail-in-rebate offer and Big Lots carries the Olay products at a very low cost. This product is unlike anything I have ever tried before. It hydrates, it exfoliates with tiny micro-scrubbers, and as you add a little water, it gets warm! It took me by surprise at how warm it actually got. I like to use it on my arms and legs as well because of the exfoliant, and because it hydrates. This formula is good if you have normal to dry skin, however, there is also a blemish control formula if your skin is combination to oliy. I have tried many of the Oly products in the past and have had good experience with all of them. I am an Independant Beauty Consultant for another skin care & beauty company, but I am leaning more toward the Olay products now because they have changed so much for the better, and they are not just a basic "drug store" brand anymore.

Glendale, AZ


I love olay products but, unfortunately not this one!


It saddens me to write this review but, i must be truthful to myself and others. I am an avid oil of olay user and just love their products. I use the cleansers, daily moisturizers, night creams, specific target area products, body washes, you name it i've got it. If and when a new Oil of Olay product comes out, i will be one of the first ones to go get it and try it!! However, i just found this NEW! Olay warming hydrating cleanser that is supposed to warm up and relax your pores to purify and hydrate the skin, but for me personally, and this is just my personal, truthful opinion, it was awful!! I had been using it for about a week when i noticed my skin was red and blotchy, i mean really weird looking almost like i was having an allergice reaction, but it didnt occur to me it might be my new product because i ALWAYS use Olay. Then, my face actually starting getting puffy and swollen so i thought well maybe, i'm using it to often and cut my usage down to a few times a week. That still didn't work so after three-four weeks of walking around with a red, swollen face i gave up on the product and switched back to my regular Olay regimen and everything started getting back to normal. Yes, i am such a fan of the Olay line that i continued to use it that long, trying to figure out if it was just me using it to often or the product itself! Now, this may just be a weird reaction that i personally had to the product but, i thought it an awful enough of an ordeal to share my experience in case some othe women was having the same issue and refusing to believe it could be her new Oil of Olay product doing this to her face. Again, i love Olay and use it reiligiously but, this one product (warming hydrating cleanser) and i do not get along!!!

Decatur, MI


Olay Warming Hydrating Cleanser

3.6 5