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Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Transforming Cream

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Not As Great As I Had Hoped


I have dark circles around my eyes and fine lines as well as puffiness. I thought maybe this 7-in-1 eye cream would tackle these eyes but I found that it did not do what I needed it to do. It helps some, but it absolutely did not do enough. The puffiness has gone down but the lines have not changed much and the dark circles are still there.

Lansing, MI


decent eye cream


I don't normally use an eye cream daily, as I have extremely sensitive and reactive eyes and must be very cautious about what I use near them. I've had some bad experiences with other eye creams and had just figured I'd skip them rather than deal with irritated eyes for the day. I had a great coupon and hit a good sale, and decided to try this. It absorbs quickly and thoroughly without feeling at all greasy. It has not irritated my eyes at all. It takes just a tiny "tap" of the finger in the pot to get enough to get the under-eye area and crow's feet area. I've actually even used it on extremely dry facial patches if they are flaking a bit even after my daily moisturizer - it's quick, easy, and effective. I won't need to be trying any other eye moisturizers since this one works well. I don't use it daily yet still notice a difference even if I use if just a few times a week. Now that I've found this one, I hope they don't discontinue it! :)



Moisturizes and helps firm the sensitive eye area


Although I still have some puffiness under my eyes that I use another product for, I do feel that this eye cream helps to firm and moisturize the sensitive area of skin under my eyes. I have dry eye, and using this product has not affected that at all, so I recommend it even for those with sensitive eyes. It goes on smoothly and absorbs fairly quickly if you smooth it in. If you just dab it on and wait for it to absorb, then it takes a bit longer. Absorption If you use your ring finger to dab it on and then move your finger along that under-eye area to blend it in to your skin, then it absorbs quickly. If you prefer to dab it on and let it absorb on its own, then it takes awhile longer. Once it is absorbed though, it is easy to apply makeup over it. It does not leave a residue or a greasy feel to that skin. Doesn't Clog Pores I haven't noticed any instance of my pores being clogged because of this cream. Effectiveness I have noticed some softness in the texture of my skin under my eyes. Wrinkles there don't seem as prominent either.

Harlingen, TX


Did nothing for me.


I have dark circles around my eyes. I have had them my entire life. I've tried numerous products that claim to improve the dark circles but I've had very little luck finding one that works. The Olay Total Effects 7 - in - 1 Anti-Aging Eye Transforming Cream was a let down as well. It comes in a small glass tub. The cream is tinted, which I'm assuming is what is supposed to cause it to lessen your dark circles. Although it has tint to it, it didn't add any tint around my eye area. It just went on clear. I continued to use the cream twice a day for a few weeks, waiting to see if it made any difference in my eye area over time. I continued to see no change in my eye area but still kept using the cream. It still did nothing. The cream is light and non oily. It smells okay. It didn't burn my eyes or anything like some other eye creams have done. It lasted a long time. Too bad it was never effective. I do not recommend this product due to the fact that it made no difference in my eye area.



Ripe off


I'm in my early 30s and have slight fine lines around the eyes. So I figured time to start using something to stop the process and reverse it a bit. Well I tried Olay Total effect 7 in 1 and nothing no change. Not only did it not reduce the appearance of my existing fine lines, I'm pretty sure it's not slowing my decent into full-blown wrinkles. At 25 bucks a pop you'd think I could see something but after 14 days of religious use NOTHING. Maybe I need to just deal with the impending doom that is my skin and invest in a book :(



This cream is a life-saver and really works


By far the best anti-aging cream I have ever used.  It reduces wrinkles, moisturizes, and lightens blotches aound the eye area.  My eyes look younger than the rest of me!!  I am definitely going to look into buying the rest of the Olay anti-aging treatments.

Pittsburg, TX


"Best Yet Dark Circle Cover-up"


I have tried all kinds of dark circle cover ups and so far this is the best. It comes with a built in applicator brush which makes it very easy to use. The brush is also much more gentle on your under eye area. It moisturizes your skin and at the same time is non greasy. Another plus is that it's fragrance free.

San Jose, CA


Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Transforming Cream

3.3 7