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Olay Regenerist Eye Make-up Remover Plus Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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Ideal mix of traits makes for a great product!


In the past, I was not a user of eye makeup remover, because it always ended up being very greasy or slimy on my face. On the other hand, when I just used my regular face wash and tried to remove my eye makeup, I would have to rub at my eyes a lot, which I hate to do as well. When I stumbled upon the **Olay Regenerist Eye Make-up Remover Plus Anti-Wrinkle Treatment** at the store, I was intrigued. I love the idea that it is a two in one product, both working as an eye makeup remover, and an eye cream/anti wrinkle treatment. The consistency is my favorite element of this product. Unlike other eye makeup removers that are liquid, this is a nice cream, which goes on very smoothly and took of my eye makeup easily. It says that you can rinse it off or leave the cream on afterwards, and I opted to leave the cream on because it was so light and didn't actually feel like I was leaving anything on! Other "pros" include the price, which was comparable to other makeup removers (ones that didn't include anti-wrinkle properties!), and actually lower than some of the Olay line. The consistency was also great, and the smell (or lack thereof) was also ver nice. I'm a fan, and would definitely recommend this product!

Pittsburgh, PA


Great product


I have been using this for over a year and loving it! In the past few months I started using it every night to remove my makeup. It says that it is for eye makeup but I use it for my entire face. It smells fantastic and does not leave your skin oily like many other makeup removers I've tried. The pump is also a great feature and it's so convenient to use. You don't need to use too much to get everything off, but it also isn't too little. I just pump a bit onto a cotton round and wipe off my eye makeup and then my face all with one or 2 small pumps. You have to make sure to spread it out evenly after you pump it onto a cotton round or it will be used up a lot quicker. The price is higher than most makeup removers, but it's worth the price because you can use it for a long time. I haven't noticed any wrinkle improvement though..or is it only supposed to prevent wrinkles from happening? The only thing I would change is the packaging. A translucent bottle would be better as to see how much of the product is left.

San Jose, CA


I am not pleased with Olay's Makeup Remover


I thought I would try this, because who doesn't want a gentle makeup remover that also protects against wrinkles?!  But this remover did not live up to my expectations. First, the squeeze pump is ridiculous.  It is difficult to get a small amount of the lotion.  I try to pump it onto a cotton pad, but it usually squirts lotion across the bathroom.  My floor, walls, mirror, and toilet have all been squirted with the lotion (what a waste!).  It just doesn't have good control for dispensing.  It might be fine if used in the shower or if you are trying to catch the lotion in both hands (catcher mit?), but it's nearly impossible to get a small squirt onto a cotton pad.  I'm not sure if this is just a defect in my bottle, but it is so annoying!  Plus, too much comes out at once--I'd like to get smaller amounts for small touch-ups, but that is impossible. Second, the cream is heavy and doesn't wipe away well.  It does clean suitably well, although often, not all of my dark eye makeup is removed. Also, a main ingredient is mineral oil, which can be an unclean and unnatural type of cleanser.  It's been known to dry your skin, so I don't think it helps with preventing wrinkles (although I am not a molecular-chemist).  And, as with other anti-wrinkle solutions, I have a hard time telling whether it's working, and here it's no different. Overall, this product is not for me since it is so difficult to dispense, it is heavy, and it doesn't clean off my eyes as fantastically as it should.  Some others may prefer the creamy remover (and not have bottle-issues), but I am going to try another product.

San Diego, CA


I thought I would try Olay


I ran out of my eye makeup remover and thought I would try a new one.  Went to store and bought Oil of  Olay Regenerist Eye Make up remover Plus Anti-Wrinkle Treatment.   Boy that is a mouth full. I would hate to have to write that very  much.  Not a bad price either!  That night a very little came out and I was quite happy with it.  Now every time I used it.  I press down and a large amount comes flying out.  Some times across the room.  I works good although I need glasses and can't see the wrinkles.   

Morristown, TN


Ahhh...goodness in a bottle!


I have dry skin and i have gotten dry patches right under my eye which makes any eye makeup remover burn my skin when removing my makeup. I tried Neutrogenas oil free makeup remover and hated it, my eyes were puffy the next day. After trying out the Olay, I couldnt purchase anything else. It does not burn my skin at all! And it comes out creamy which i like because it doesnt make my skin feel greasy after application! love it!

Coatesville, PA


Olay Regenerist Eye Make-up Remover Plus Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

3.6 5