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Olay Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion 20.2 fl oz

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Olay Quench - Really advanced healing, or just good marketing?


The very nicely designed graphic on the bottle says 'advanced healing' and after using it, I am wondering if it is really just average healing.  I like that there is no fragrance, but I think it's just a good average moisturizer.  You know, not the el-cheapo stuff and not the fabulous stuff.  It says "immediate burst of intensive moisture that continues for 24 hours."  How you can verify a claim like this I am not sure, but it didn't really seem anything special.  Most of the ingredients I can pronounce but don't know what they mean, and while it may be perfume free it's definitely not chemical free.  I am feeling neutral about this product, but I will have to check recommend or not recommend... It is not greasy and feels nice when you put it on, also, the bottle has lasted me a fairly long time and you don't need to put on a heap of it at once.  And so they are the main reasons I'm leaning toward recommend.

Fayetteville, GA


Advanced Healing is a great idea, but...


  "Advanced healing" sounds great.  For us allergy prone folks, "Fragrance free" rings bells, too.  But the fact is, **OLAY QUENCH Body Lotion Advanced Healing with Vitamin E and Vita-Niacin** works no better than other average lotions on my dry legs and arms. **QUENCH Body Lotion** directions recommend a once-daily application after your bath or shower.  Once it's smoothed in, **Advanced Healing** supposedly "helps heal skin's moisture barrier to prevent dry skin from coming back."  Other evocative words include "repairs and nourishes" and strengthens "skin's resilience against everyday drying conditons."  Moisturizing effects are said to continue "for 24 hours."  I first tried my new **Advanced Healing** after a shower.  I liked the creamy, cool feel of this product as I spread it on, and it did "soak in" very easily.  For experiment's sake, I applied **OLAY QUENCH** on one leg and left the other bare.  The next morning, I rubbed my hand over each leg.  If I hadn't known **QUENCH** was on the left leg, I would have thought nothing had been used.  (Granted, I've *not* got an advanced case of dryness.  The absolute lack of a difference was a big surprise, though.)  The next time I used **Body Healing**, I applied it to one arm.  Sadly, I came up with the same non-result. ** **How can so many ingredients (I counted 27) add up to something so ordinary?  Unless it's a gift or a sample, I'd pass on this one. # # # # # Please read review below for my "Six-Star" favorite!

Los Angeles, CA


Olay Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion 20.2 fl oz

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