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Olay ProX Skin Tightening Serum

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Treat yourself to Olay Pro X Tightening Serum


This is a perfect option for those with oily skin looking to give their skin some superior anti-aging ingredients without any breakouts or shine. I love it and will continue using it! Absorption This product is one that does not just sit on your face. It absorbs very well and makes your skin feel refreshed and hydrated. This is most definitely not to replace a moisturizer so if your primary concern is dry skin I would highly recommend Pro X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream or even the Hydra Firming Cream though the latter is a lot lighter. Doesn't Clog Pores I personally have no problems with having any side affects due to this product. I did not experience any breakouts and my skin is very prone to whiteheads. Definitely recommended! Effectiveness It's definitely too early to observe skin tightening but I also most certainly don't have expectations of a facelift in a jar. The fact is that this product does have antioxidants and peptides that have clinical studies to back up their effectiveness in anti-aging. There are two different peptides included in this serum one of which is brand new to Olay. I'm happy about that as regenerist line that also includes peptides but not the one seen here in the Pro X line. At least I have a reason to pay the extra bucks for the Pro X line. Another significant ingredient worthy of mention is dill extract. There is a study that indicates that dill extract stimulates elastin production in our skin. As far as I'm concerned this is the one ingredient that is responsible for the name of this product. Hopefully it will do what it says since I do plan on using this product.



This serum works!!


I purchased some of the products in the Olay pro x line over a month ago. I have reviewed most of them here but decided to wait on the serum until I knew for sure it was working. I have seen a difference in my skin texture over the past week or so, mostly around my eyes. It looks as if I have had an eye lift. I went for a hair cut yesterday and my stylist asked me what I was doing that was different. I was a bit evasive at first but she persisted wanting to know if I had changed my makeup. I finally told her that it was this Olay pro x line of products. It takes awhile to see definite results, but they do come. My makeup goes on smoother and my eyeliner is easier to apply. Olay offers good coupons and rebates for purchasing their products. This makes it a bit more economical to use this line. Plus, having the results that I am getting definitely makes it worth the money. I highly recommend this product.

SmallTown, TX




I love Olay first of all. All there products are amazing and they actually work. Olay Professional Pro X Skin Tightening Serum is some really great stuff. I bought it hoping that it would do what it said and I have used it for sometime and its great. I have crows feet and some fine  lines on my face which i don't like. So I bought this and not only does it tighened up skin that i feel is alittle saggy it makes my fine lines look like there not really even there. You can apply olay morning and night or however you wish. You have to be dedicated to the product and actually use it everyday to see visible results. Most of Olays products are in a price range we all can afford. If you  just bought Olay and your getting frusterated then please have patience and wait a couple weeks. It will start working. You should also follow any olay product up with a SPF, because the sun is horrible for wrinkles. Moisterising is the best way to a beautiful youthful look.

cedar lake, IN


Olay ProX Skin Tightening Serum

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