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Olay Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment

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Really helps firm up the skin.


I started to notice that underneath my eyes and also around my chin and throat area that skin that had once been pulled nice and taught was starting to loosen up quite a bit. I don't have the money to go and get any kind of surgery on my face to fix this problem, so I went to the store and found this and thought I would give it a shot. It is kind of on the more expensive side, but I have found that it is worth every penny. It is really easy to apply and follow the directions, it also has a very pleasant smell with it, you can feel it working into your skin almost immediately. The mask of it actually is more like a small film that it makes on top of your skin, but you can tell that it is pulling your skin in and making everything tighten up. After the first application of this I could see a major difference in my skin, it really helped around the eye area especially. I use this every month now and it is a great product to help and keep my skin nice and tight and the fine lines and wrinkles away.



Worth a try...


The deep wrinkle treatment is a great stand alone product. I had results in about a week. Keep in mind this is a retinol product. Many of the reviews that I have seen complaining of redness and breakouts are likely due to excessive use of the product. Choose one product from the lineup and add on later rather than buying the kit (shame on you Olay for influencing over use). Do NOT combine this treatment regimen with other active products. About 4 drops of the product should cover the whole face - a tube will last about 2 months. My crows feet are gone! My skin texture is greatly improved. For a good sunscreen, try CeraVe - and yes, you have to use a sunscreen. Hope this helps:) Effectiveness See my review.

Winchester, VA


Olay Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment

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