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Olay Moisture Therapy Lotion for Sensitive Skin

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Gentle moisturizer.


This moisturizer has not irritated my face in any way. I have not broken out or gotten any new pimples caused by this. It moisturizes decently, but I still have to use something heavier on my dry patches and around my mouth. It works much better on my oily and more normal skin areas. It does not really have a scent. I wear this when I go to the park when it is sunny and I am running around with my kids for hours. It stays on for probably two hours before I can feel that it has worn off and I have to reapply. Using multiple layers of this in one day has not clogged my pores. It brightens my skin up and makes me look a little less sleepy, but overall the finish is pretty matte. Absorption It absorbs well and does not just sit on top of your skin. Doesn't Clog Pores I have never broken out from using it. Effectiveness It moisturizes decently and is non-irritating, even for acne. It is okay at protecting me from the sun, but it wears off quickly and has to be reapplied often.

Las Vegas, NV


Olay is my moisturizer of choice


I love Oil of Olay Moisture Therapy Lotion for Sensitive Skin. This is my standard, every day moisturizer of choice. The liquid glides on smoothly and soaks into my skin almost instantaneously. My skin immediately feels smoother and very soft. I'm also able to put on my makeup right after moisturizing. I have had no clogged pores or breakouts and my skin never feels greasy. The next best thing is that this moisturizer is easy on the pocketbook! No need to spend extra money on a fancy department-store brand moisturizer...Oil of Olay does it all, and just as well (or better) than any other brand I've used. Save the money for the fancy cosmetics and use this magical liquid as your moisturizer of choice.

Louisville, KY


pretty good stuff


Olay Oil of Moisture therapy lotion for sensitive skin is a pretty good product. It leaves my skin feeling soft. And looking radiant.  And I do not itch or sneeze as with other beauty products.  It is important to me to find products that will work on my sensitive skin. Olay Oil of Moisture therapy lotion for sensitive skin does just that.  After use my face feels alive and rejuvinated.  My make up goes on smoother and looks more natural. My skin feel firm and tighter.  I like this product.

Roanoke, VA


Moisturizes and protects from sun with SPF!


I first started using this product many years ago.  Like most people I have dry skin.  During the summer I am outside alot and don't always wear makeup.  This product is great because it has a SPF15 that will help protect your skin from the sun!  I use the moisturizer typically twice a day (once in the morning when I get out of the shower and once before bed).  I have found it to be the best product out there.  I recommend this product to everyone and at Christmas buy my mother an entire Oil of Olay package with different products including this one.  I have to go to the store this weekend because I noticed this morning I an running low and I do not allow my skin to go one day without my moisturizer.  I can tell a difference in my skin if I do not use this product.  If you have dry skin like me especially in the winter, you will find this product to be wonderful if you are around a desk heater throughout the day like I am.  You will not regret buying this product!!!

Hermitage, TN


Olay Moisture Therapy Lotion for Sensitive Skin

4.3 4