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Olay Microderm Firming Cream

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It seems to work on my skin but is a bit to "thick" for me.


I like the Olay line of moisturizers but the Night of Olay is my first foray into "night creams."  At thirty-eight I feel like I am on the fence when it comes to using moisturizers.  I began using them to deal with dry spots on my face in my twenties.  Then I began to use eye creams for crows feet when I turned 30.  When I hit 35 I began to use moisturizer all over my face to prevent wrinkles.  Currently, I don't have too many wrinkles and I would like to keep it that way so I bought a night cream to ramp up my facial regime.  Maybe night creams all tend to be a little thick but I really don't like "feeling" my moisturizer after I have rubbed it into my face.  Admittedly, I wake up and my skin is soft so I guess it is working, but this cream is just thicker than I am used to though I guess.  I am also driven by the scent of products that I use and this product doesn't necessarly smell bad, I have just used other products that smell better to me.  When this is gone, I am not sure if I'll buy it again, or hop around until I find a night cream that I like better.


Carlisle, PA


makes my skin extremely soft and smooth.


This tiny red bottle of cream packs a powerful punch to wrinkles and untoned skin! After only a few days, the skin around my eyes was more firm, incredibly soft, and even my fine lines were smoothing out. I was trying a sample tub, but will definitely be buying my own! Thank you, Viewpoint for sending the sample for me to try.


Milton, PA


Olay Microderm Firming Cream

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