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Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream

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Olay Dropped The Ball When They Discontinued This


Before this was discontinued this was one of my favorite creams to use on my forehead at night when I had chapped, wind burned or sun burned skin. In the summer I can get patches of dry skin from being outside and in the winter I get it when I have to shovel snow or spend extended periods of time outside. This worked better than I expected it to when it was recommended to me by a friend; I tried the replacement product (Micro Sculpting Cream) for it but it wasn't the same formulation and didn't give me the same results. I was lucky enough to find someone selling the containers online but those only lasted about eight months each. What I liked best about this is that it wasn't greasy; I could put it on before I went to bed and it didn't end up all over the pillowcase or the sheets. There was almost no smell to it either so it was something that wouldn't make me start sneezing in the middle of the night. You didn't need a lot of this when you applied it; a small dab was enough for the area of my forehead that needed treated. This was discontinued in 2012 so containers of it that are still being sold are most likely outdated and won't deliver the same type of results. Absorption It absorbed quickly and worked well when used before bed. Effectiveness I saw results from this within the first three days I started using it.




Olay Definity makes my skin feel great.


I have to say that Olay Definity Hydrating Cream is the best facial moisturizer than I have ever used. I started using it several years ago and fell in love with it immediately. I have always had a probleming using face moisturizers. Most are just to heavy and leave my face feeling more greasy than moisturized. I also have very sensitive skin and can't use face cream that is heavily weighed down with perfumes. Olay Definity doesn't not have a heavy perfume smell, actually it has a great scent. It also is very easy on my sensitive skin and does not leave me face feeling greasy or weighed down. I also had a problem with uneven tone on my face and Olay Definity has almost taken that problem away for me. I would rather pay the price for Olay Definity than to make the cost to go to a dermatologist anyday. I would definetly recommend Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream to anyone with sensitive skin like me.


Lester, AL


Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream works pretty well


Alright, again I have a multi-pronged review on this product. Number one, I've tried other Olay products and was dissatisfied (to say the least), so I was somewhat wary of buying this - but it was an amazing deal and it was listed in InStyle's "Best of 2009", so I thought "I'll give it a shot!" I have to say, because of my bad experiences before with other Olay products, this did surpass my expectations - but that doesn't mean this product is STELLAR, it's just because my expectations were EXTREMELY LOW. Alright, the things I like: 1. It smells wonderful :) I love going to sleep smelling this on my face. It's so soothing :) 2. It seems to be working fine...however, I'm in my mid-twenties and I have impeccable genes when it comes to my skin (not to sound full of myself, but just to give you an idea that my facial skin requires VERY little outside helpl and it still looks flawless). So I can't really tell if this works really great or not because my skin needs very little to get along just fine.   The one thing I will say is that I feel like I gotta apply this stuff at least twice to my face before bed. My skin STILL feels dry after applying it once...then twice....then I just give up. So the whole 'Intense Hydration" part of it seems like a bit of a long shot.


Idaho Falls, ID


I love Definity...it's so smooth


Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream is the only facial moisturizer I use. It's a little pricey, but I love it. It goes on so smooth, you do not need very much. (which helps it last you longer). It makes my facial skin feel so moisturized and soft and healthy. I have been using it for a couple years now because I like it so much. I am in my early thirties so it's a little early to tell if it is doing it's job of reducing age spots and fine lines, but I will keep using to find out.  I also use the Eye Illuminator.... I will review it too.


Livin' on the edge of the world, FL


Love Olay Definitiy Intense Hydrating Cream


I have been using the Olay Definity intense hydrating cream in the night time as a restorative cream. I have not used very many different night creams before but I love this Olay cream.  It is pretty thick and so feels very nourishing on my skin.  I have been using the product for a few weeks now and I feel I have seen quite an improvement in my skin tone and quality.  I wake up and my skin feels great and moisturized but not at all oily.  The product is a bit more costly than other products that I have used before but definitely worth it.  I have noticed that over time the lines and pores appear to be diminished and improved.  I recommend this product to people of all ages.  You do not need to have deep lines or visible pores for this to beneficial.  It's has also helped to lighten dark spots that have appeared on my skin.  It is a great product that I think everybody should give a try. 


Salem, NH


Olay Definity Line WORKS!!


I did the Olay test on their website. I thought at my age of 45, I would need the Regenerist or even the Pro X. I have a lot of issues on my face with brown spots. I lived in Hawaii for 7 years and I've noticed brown age spots on my upper lids and brow, upper cheekbones. The test suggested the Definity line. WOW! I've been using this for about 2 months and I am STUNNED. ALL of my brown age spots have disappeared. I am also using the Definity serum and lotion and my face is so much brighter and all the age spots are gone. I have tried much more expensive lines and even Tri-Luna cream and Olay blows them out of the water. I'm a true believer and will stay with the Definity. Great stuff! I love the texture of this cream and really keeps my skin hydrated.  I don't use this product everyday, just when I need extra moisture.


Poulsbo, WA


I've replaced my sunblock with Olay Definity moisturizer


Olay Definity highly defined anti-aging deep penetrating foaming UV moisturizer with SPF 15.This is a great product if you are looking for a sun block. It offers all day moisture but with a oily look. The foam is light weight but when it goes on it becomes thick and feels sort of like a petroleum jelly. Once absorbed, my skin does become smooth and the scent is light, not heavy perfumed. I do have to wait to apply my make-up and afterwards i have the thick caked on feeling and the shine does come through.The amount you dispense is uncontrolable and usually more than i need comes out.This product was costly and i wish that i had not purchased it.


Cuero, TX


one application moisturizes all day long


I have tried all types of face moisturizers and never really had much luck.  I mean I found face creams that felt good for an hour or so, but then an hour later but face felt dry again.  That's when I received a coupon for Olay Definity Highly defined anti-aging cream, but even with the coupon it was still a little expensive but I thought after all the money I had spent on other creams this would be another drop in the bucket.  So I took the plunge and tried Olay and not only did it moisturize and keep my face feeling hydrated, it also is an anti-aging cream as well.  The cream isn't heavy and goes on without giving you that greasy feeling.  From the moment you put it on you can instantly feel your face re-hydrating and saying "thank you" at the same time.  And since I come from the north, where the climate is cooler and dryer, this is a blessing.  I am so glad that I received that coupon and decided to try it.  Remember a little goes a long way.


Austin, TX


Olay Definity anti-aging leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth


Olay Definity anti-aging cream is one of the best facial creams I have ever used.  This is not surprising, as I have used Oil of Olay since I was in my 20's.  I must admit, I am not always consistent in taking care of my skin, so when I do, I have found that all of the Oil of Olay products are quality products and extremely affordable.  When I entered my 50's I began to notice small lines forming around my eyes and mouth and my skin seemed to always feel dry, so I began to use the Definity collection of cremes from Oil of Olay and withing a couple of weeks, I could really see my skin texture changing from dry to moist and all of those small wrinkles seemed to disappear.  I have tried less expensive anti aging products, but I always come back to Olay.  Their quality and price have never let me down.  Olay Definity, never feels greasy on my skin and a little bit goes a long way.I guess what they say is true, "with age comes wisdom", I am much more consistent with my skin care and Olay Definity anti-aging cream makes it easy.


Orlando, FL


Olay Definity intense hydrating cream has worked wonders for me.


Olay Definity intense hydrating cream is the very best product I have used. This  product helps define my skin and definately soothes my dry skin. I have had a lot of people tell me how much better my skin looks. Olay Definity hydrating cream has helped me take care of  the appearance of past mistakes I made when caring for my skin. It was so dry and difficult to care for before but now it is better and I know what to use to care for the skin on my face and neck to keep it defined, full of color and flawless and help take care of aging as much as possible.


Cincinnati, OH


Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream

4.4 10