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Olay Definity Illuminating Cream Cleanser

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Love the way that Olay makes my skin feel


I love the Olay Definity Illuminating Cream Cleanser. My skin can be dry, especially in the winter, and this cream cleanser makes my skin feel so, so soft, and incredibly clean. I usually wash my face and feel like my skin is clean, but for some reason I really feel it after I use this product, in a way that I don't with others. Plus, it has a wonderful, subtle smell that isn't washed off wih the product. My skin looks, feels, and smells great - what more could I ever want from a facial cleanser!? I don't love the packaging. I wasted a good amount the first time that I tried to use the product because I thought that it twisted off, but it actually shot out through a hole at the bottom of the tube. So that was surprising, but once I got used to that, I haven't minded the packaging so much. But beware when using the first time so you don't make a gigantic mess like I did! I would highly, highly recommend this product if you have dry skin. It's really a wonderful cleanser!

Norcross, GA


This anti-aging cleanser is so refreshing!


I was shopping for a bargain and found this Olay Definity product on clearance at WalMart and used a manufacturer's coupon, so it only cost a few bucks.  It is definitely worth more than that!  I picked this cleanser because I saw it had "beads", and I wanted something that was going to exfoliate.  I look forward every morning to using this cream as part of my daily regimen.  I love how it makes my skin feel and look - smooth and soft.  I have combination skin and my face does not feel oily or dried out after using this deep-cleaning product.  My face feels really clean and refreshed and moisturized after using it.  The fragrance of the cream is very pleasant.  The one thing I don't like very much is the packaging.  You have to twist the cap to dispense the cream, and when you twist the cap closed, there is always some excess cream left on the cap that needs to be wiped off.  Also, as the product gets used up, the plastic container is hard to squeeze, so I really have to fold the end multiple times (which is a little hard to do) to get more product out of the tube.  But overall, I really like this high-quality cleanser from Olay that gives me a feeling of luxury.

Lafayette, IN


Olay Definity Illuminating Cream Cleanser

4.5 2