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Olay Definity 14 Day Skin Rehabilitation Kit

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Olay Definity 14day skin Rehabilitation kit was AWESOME!!!


I am a tried and true Oil Of Olay fan.I have used there many products since my early 20's and now am in my early 50"s and without sounding vain, I have to say my skin looks like 30-40"s Of course their sunblock is a givin and there is something for everyone, but The 14day Rehab kit was better than I ever expected.My skin became smoother, the few age spots I do have(from years as a Clifornai Girl) faded much more than I expected.The few fine lines plumped up a bit more and my skin had a fresh overall glow of youth and health about it.I got numerous compliments on it too. I would say OLAY is the way to go, and 14day Rehab Kit is well worth the money!


Roseville, CA


Olay's 14 Day Skin Rehab Kit? It's like Regenerist on steroids.


I'm about as big an Olay Regenerist fan as you're going to find, so trust me - anything that compares to Regenerist?  It's good.  And this works well enough that it might actually have Regenerist in it, even though it doesn't mention any connection on the packaging.   The lotion is lightweight, absorbs easily, and will keep your skin hydrated for a good long time.  I imagine it might not be the case for everyone, but my skin improved dramatically by about the third day. What you get: 13 little tubes of night lotion and a facial mask. The little tubes are actually kind of poorly designed - You can actually only get about half of the lotion out of them by squeezing.  Relax, though - that is actually more than you'll need.  However, if you don't like the waste, you can actually cut the tube open and use the other half the next day. I'm not entirely sure what's up with the facial mask, but it does give it a bit of a spa treatment feel.  


Gastonia, NC


Olay Definity 14 Day Skin Rehabilitation Kit

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