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Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons 10 fl oz

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Olay Body Wash Plus Tone isn't special, it's just okay.


Procter and Gamble Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons (10 fl oz) is just an average product.  I was a bit surprised that I thought it was just okay because there are other products by Olay that work wonderfully.  I thought the product lathered fairly well, but not as much as I expected.  I did find the smell of this wash quite intriguing and it was lovely to smell.  The smell is "fresh, crisp and clean", which is always a good thing in a body wash.  It didn't lather the way I liked, unless I over did it, which was kind of a drag.  It works a lot better if you use it with a sponge or loafah instead of a washcloth.  My skin did feel clean after I used it, but I couldn't tell if it toned my skin at all.  This stuff will last you for several months even if you have to use extra to get it to lather.  It comes in a very large container.  The one I tried was (10 fl oz).  I also found the design of the container to be quite eye gazing, however, I didn't like the shape of it.  The top of it is a little flimsy as well because it looks like it might snap off sometimes.  The price is a little more than I would like to pay for the way it works.  I'd have to give this product a "5.5" on a scale of "1-10", if I were to rate it.


Stockton, CA


smells great and moisturizin, but I don't see any tone enhancing


I found a great deal on Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons and bought a few bottles.  The smell when I opened the bottle was awesome.  It smelled warm and comforting; a perfect winter scent.  Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons lathers well on my shower pouf.  It glides over skin and leaves me feeling clean and soft.  I love that the scent clings to my skin even after I'm dry and dressed.  The "Tone Enhancing" aspect, however, I am not seeing.  It purports to have a shimmer to make skin more luminous.  I see no shimmer when poured out or when on the skin.  On top of that I see no difference in my skin tone after using it for a few weeks.  I'm pretty certain that it just smells good.  That's good enough for me, but anyone wanting the "Tone Enhancing" should look to another product.  In any case, I don't think I'll make a repeat purchase unless it's on sale and the Olay with Cream Ribbons is sold out.  Effectiveness I didn't notice any "tone enhancing", but it smelled nice and moisturized ok.


Lafayette, IN


Best body wash I've ever used!


I usually buy cheaper body wash and have never believed that body wash really made that big of a difference. Bar soap always dries out my skin but I've never found a body wash that really stood out. I bought this because it was on sale and don't think I can ever go back! It leaves my skins mousterized, smooth, and with an attractive shine. I hate lotions that make her skins "shine" by putting some glittler in it - I'm not a 16 year old girl after all - but this has just the right amount of minerals to really give you skin a healthy glow and improve its overall appearance. Even when I skip my lotion I feel like my skin stays soft and moisterized all day. I would highly recommend this product, even though it is a little expensive for my taste - given that competing body washes are often about half the price.


Orlando, FL


I leave the shower with my skin feeling great!


I am a die-hard Bath and Body Works fan and have used all their gels for years. However, as I get older, I find myself heading back to perfumes instead of body sprays so I don't want overly perfumed shower gels all the time. (I still love Bath and Body Works though!!!) With a coupon, I picked up Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons and have been using it for about a week now! I REALLY like it! My skins feels so nice when I get out of the shower and it has a light clean scent. The second day I used it, my husband hugged me later that morning and remarked on how good I smelling! That alone makes this product a keeper! The packing says it has a mineral shimmer and I'm not really sure what that means - I don't see any sparkles on my skin (certainly don't want that and didn't think Olay would do that anyway). Just not sure what the "shimmer" is supposed to do!


Carlisle, PA


Nice moisturizing drugstore body wash!


Olay Body Wash with the tone enriching ribbons is a great, inexpensive moisturizing body wash. It has a different texture to it than most body washes, more of an in-shower lotion kind of feel but it still suds up nicely, doesn't work so well in the bathtub and does leave a residue of sorts (however, it's never made the shower or bathtub slippery!) . My sister refuses to use it, she doesn't really care for the texture of it. I don't notice the "tone-enriching" aspect of it, I've used three different variations of the ribbons body wash and believe they are all the same, just different colors and scents. Out of the three (or at least the three I've used, this one, pink & purple, this is my favorite because it has the most mild scent. This body wash has lived up to it's moisturizing claim, I switch body washes in the winter because my skin gets so dry and other scented speciality body washes can be drying. Great, inexpensive bodywash with a light pleasant scent!


Greenville, MI


I like this play product.


The Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons is one of the best body washes around. I like this product because it is really good quality at drugstore price. I also find that the Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons is avaliable at most every drug store or mass market store so it is nice to know I do not have to make a special trip just to purchase this product. This Olay product smells sooo good. The scent is light and feminine, and hangs on your skin nively throughout the day. I also like that this porduct lathers really well. It is frothy and suddsy and makes the shower experience really nice. The lather is soft and moisturizing and fells really nice on the skin. I do not know exactly what it is about this product that give it the name "Tone Enriching" but even without any sort of tone enrichment this is a really nice body wash that leaves your skin feeling healthy, clean, and moisturized. 


Johnson City, TN


Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons is awesome!


I love this stuff. It is the first thing i reach for in the shower. It goes on so smooth. It is delicately soft, and so rich. It lathers very well, and is so moisturizing. Plus, it really does enrich your skin tone! It helps keep a tan longer in the summer, and evens out your skin tone in the winter to keep it looking healthy, and glowing. I absolutely love the smell of all three, but especially love the smell of the 'tannish' one. I love the vanilla accent and I think it has a bti of brown sugar in there. Just the smell makes you feel better inside. It is so luxurious, and i love it with a passion. It is a tad bit shimmery, which is amazing! I love the shimmer, and the sparkliness just in general. It brightens up your mood, and is so moisturizing. Also, it's not oily at all! This is the most amazingly creamy, thick, amazing body wash I have ever used before. Even though it is a tad bit expensive, I will use this and purchase this as many times as I possibly can. You'll love it and never get sick of it! It's awesome and you'll never feel, cleaner, brighter, prettier and happier than when this is your shower buddy;)


Manitowoc, WI


Not impressed.


Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000003531 StartFragment:0000002295 EndFragment:0000003495 Honestly, I was very disappointed in this product.  I got a few bottles when they were on sale because it looked like it would be a great product.  I have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter, and I thought the Olay ribbons would help.  There are several good things I like about this product, but one thing that just ruined it all for me.  It definitely cleans, smells wonderful, and hydrates my skin, but it left a film around my tub that was hard to clean.  And I know it wasn't just me, my husband or the fact that we didn't clean our tub, because after I used up all the product and started using a different body wash, I could tell a difference when I clean our tub.  Yes, Olay ribbons moisturized and enriched my skin, BUT it also moisturized my tub.  It was no fun cleaning and scrubbing my tub.  I would also not recommend shaving with this bodywash, it was impossible.  I would recommend the product, just not for shaving or...if you plan on cleaning your tub or shower. :)


Fort Worth, TX




I bought this stuff, took it home and took a shower with it. I didn't know how well I'd like it until I got in the shower, opened the bottle, poured some into my hand and then lathered it on myself and found out that..........I love this stuff! It is so smooth, and sooooooooooooo creamy, and feels like heaven<3 It keeps your skin tone very nicely, and it smells so good! I love this product, and will definitely recommend it to people. It is not too expensive, although it does run out fast because you end up using it so much because you end up loving it so much! I will be using this product a lot, and can not imagine when they stop carrying it. It will be like the apocolips of my bathroom. I can't wait to buy my next bottle, and can't wait to lather up again. Definitely buy this product, it is amazing and you will never use anything else ever ever again. No matter what ur skin tone, or how much u usually spend on body wash, im usually the frugile cheapy cheap but this is worth the price. Amazing, i love it.


Goshen, IN


Shimmer and softness all in one


I love this stuff!  I started with the other Olay Ribbons body washes, and I did like those, however when this came out and I tried it, I fell in love.  I have dry skin, and when I buy cheap body wash, my skin is always flakey and scaley.  With Olay Ribbons, especially this one, my skin is always soft.  You don't have to use a ton of this stuff either to get a big sudsy amount.  I use it on a puff, and it lathers up great.  The smell is wonderful, and it stays on you most of the day too, but it's not overbearing like some of the bath and body works kinds.  It's a very soft smell. I LOVE the shimmer in it.  The bottle says its mineral shimmer, and it stays on all day.  When I go out inthe sun or light, my skin just shimmers and illuminates.  I don't knwo how much it tones yoru skin, but the shimmer helps mask some of the impurities you may have.  It also cleans well as obviously it's a soap.  I always feel refreshed and smelling good and feeling good after I use it.


Greenwood, IN


Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons 10 fl oz

4.2 10